List of Saniflo Problems in Forums & SOLUTIONS

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Being a member in various communities has made me notice the many Saniflo problems in forums and I have taken it upon myself to talk about them and how you can fix them too.

Saniflo pumps are common in lots of homes that lets you to remove waste when flushing from under the drainage line. But, the demand for saniflo systems to be powerful and silent, yet smaller for fitment presents an issue. However, owning one myself I understand that Saniflo pumps are more likely to block, fail or break.

List of Saniflo Problems in Forums and How to Solve to Them

The solutions here are from speaking to engineers with more than 30 years in the industry and how to deal with them:

  • My Saniflo keeps running and will not switch off

Failing to switch off is a common issue in Saniflo pumps as they might fail to switch off once in a while. This is where the pump is flushed and just keeps flushing, even when the macerator is clear. Sadly, diagnosing the source of this issue is not as simple as many thinks.

I believe it is caused by one or a mix of the issue listed below:

  • A blockage in the Saniflo macerator or pump
  • The pump’s rubber membrane is damaged
  • The microswitch is faulty
  • A blockage in the Saniflo waste pipe leading outside


A blockage in the macerator

  • Turn off the power to your pump from the mains supply.
  • Then check for blockage in the pump’s macerator.
  • If you find any, clear it. In many cases, it could be toilet paper or floss is stuck under the blade. To achieve this, grab a pair of thin-nosed pliers and turn the blade counter-clockwise, taking away the waste as you turn.
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A blockage in the pump

Blockage in the actual Saniflo pump is also a possibility. This could be caused by cotton buds or other foreign objects blocking the impellers.

You will most likely find your Saniflo pumps are situated underneath the motor, sitting in the water tank. To access this, lift the motor out of the Saniflo and turn the unit upside down.

You will now be able to see the pump impellers. Using the pliers, clear the blockage and slot the motor back into place.

Alternatively, it could be an issue in the water tank causing the microswitch to misfire. You will need to clear the tank by hand and restart the pump.

A Blockage In The Saniflo Waste Outlet Pipe

A blocked return valve means your pump will flush waste out of the Saniflo, but the waste is then returning as it hits a blockage. To fix this, take your thin-nosed pliers, remove the lid of the Saniflo and clear any blockage from inside the retun valve.

If the return valve appears faulty, then simply replace it.

The Microswitch Is Misfiring

A misfiring microswitch is a more common issue than you think. When it happens, waste gets lodged between the tank and switch floor causing the switch to think the tank is full and requires flushing.

You simply need to clear the tank by hand and restart the pump.

The Rubber Membrane Is Damaged

A damaged rubber membrane can be another issue. This is when the thin piece of rubber that water presses against to switch on the pump. If the membrane becomes damaged or loses its seal, waste can enter the switch and make it become faulty.

If the pump is still within your 1-year warranty, you will be able to et a replacement system. If not, you will need a call a Saniflo certified engineer to fic the switch.

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  • My Saniflo is Vibrating really Loudly

Chances are that your pump makes an horrible vibrating noise when you flush the toilet, then you probably have a foreign object caught in the macerator blade.

You can call a service engineer to solve this problem or you can get your hands dirty and do it yourself.


Turn off the power of the pump at the mains supply. Avoid removing the Saniflo lid unless the pump is turned off. Next, take away the cover and check inside the pump’s macerator.

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If your macerator is blocked, clear it. It could be that a foreign object is tangled around the blade causing friction. To take away the object, use a pair of thin-nosed pliers and turn the blade counter-clockwise, removing the object as you turn.

  • My Saniflo keeps randomly starting

If your pump continues firing at different periods of a full day all at random then you probably have a defective microswitch. This could be caused by either a fault with the rubber membrane that activates the switch or it could be that waste is lodged between the floor and the switch.


Misfiring microswitch

A misfiring microswitch might happen when waste gets lodged between the switch and the tank floor. This can make the switch to think the tank is full and requires flushing. To fix this issue, clear the tank by hand, take away any excess waste near the microswitch and restart the pump.

The rubber membrane is damaged

The rubber membrane is the thin piece of rubber that water presses against to switch on the pump. So, if the membrane becomes damaged or loses its seal, waste can get into the switch and make it become faulty.

You might also need to replace the rubber membrane and switch.

  • My Saniflo Continually Trips The Electrics

Saniflo water pumps that frequently trip the electrics could be badly damaged and should be handled with EXTRA care.

Turn off the mains electricity supply before examining the pump. In this scenario, there is probably a fault with the motor seal. If the motor seal is damaged, the motor could be simply full of water and cause a thermal cut in the pump’s electrics.


Reach out to an engineer or business certified in Saniflo repairs.

  • My Saniflo is leaking/foaming up and leaking out of the air vent

If your microswitch is old. Let’s say 10 years plus then it may not fire until the tank is sufficiently full. In this scenario, when the microswitch is finally activated, the spinning mechanism can lead to wastewater to escape from the air vents.


Just replace the rubber membrane that protects the microswitch. As the rubber ages, it can become loose, and might need more and more pressure to activate the switch.

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If that fails to work, you may need to replace the whole microswitch.

  • My Saniflo Smells Terrible

If your pump smeels horrible then now may be the time to give it a thorough clean. Follow the Saniflo pump instructions for cleaning the unit correctly.


Purchase a high-quality Saniflo descaler. Do not use general cleaning chemicals or bleach. These types of cleaning materials can damage pump components.

  • My Saniflo keeps blocking and is backed up to the shower basin

In this case, it’s likely that your waste pipe or internal unit may have a blockage.

Waste pipe blockages can occasionally happen when the outlet pipes have been installed incorrectly. You can be sure it’s a blockage if the outlet pipes have been installed correctly.

Your Saniflo will be incorrectly installed if the waste pipe is at 90 degrees when leaving the pump. A Saniflo waste pipe should be installed at 45 degrees. This ensures that waste is thoroughly cleared from the pump and cannot flow back into the tank.

Note: This is one of the most common Saniflo installation problems. Please follow Saniflo installation instructions carefully or hire a qualified Saniflo engineer.


Remove whatever blockage from the water or macerator tank that you can. If that doesn’t work, then the block is probably within the waste pipe.

You will also need a certified Saniflo engineer to take out and clean out your pipes. Ensure they install the pipes at a 45-degree angle.

  • My Saniflo is running but it is not pumping out

Is your Saniflo unit running but is not pumping out? The you probably have frozen waste pipes. This is one saniflo problems in forums that I was able to proffer solution to, too.

It typically happens during winter, or cold months, similar to frozen pipes in central heating systems.


First, switch off the Saniflo system. Then next, you may need to take out some of the waste by hand, especially if the waste threatens to overflow.

Then grab some hot towels and place them along the length of your waste pipe. That should loosen up the frozen blockage and let you flush out the waste.

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