HOW TO FIX Salus Rt510tx No Display Issue

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From time to time, I have had customers complain that their Salus RT510tx no display issue occurs from time to time and having played with this unit from time to time, I have discovered a permanent fix!

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How to Solve Salus Rt510tx No Display

Here are quick things to try

You can buy a new one (BUY ON AMAZON). They’re pretty cheap or you can follow the steps below to fix your old one:

  • Open up the thermostat and metered the battery connections on the board
  • Push down firmely where the solder terminals are and that should do it.
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Note: If it doesn’t work then you might need to re-solder.

Salus Rt510tx No Display

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Red blinking light: The red blinking light is sign that they’re not paired. So, hold down the pairing button underneath the battery cover for 3 seconds once the flashing red light goes solid red press the pair button again for 3 seconds and enjoy.

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