[My Story] Pool Factory Saltwater 5000 Pool Reviews

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The saltwater 5000 pool is a steal for its price. The manual instruction is simple to follow along and assemble does not require many people. In my case, I invited 2 of my friends over to install. They had no past pool installation experience and it was still a walk in the park to assemble.

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Pool Factory Saltwater 5000 Pool Reviews

The pool is built from high quality materials that gives a long service year. The flow of water in the pool is incredible too and the pool stays crystal clear all summer.


The stem that was recommended and installed works amazing. The flow of water movement around the pool is incredible and the pool stayed crystal clear all summer long. I would highly recommend this pool system and The Pool Factory to anyone looking for a pool.

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The high tech resin components is able to resist corrosion issues related to saltwater and chlorinated water too. If you need to install a saltwater system with your pool, this model is your best bet!

Saltwater 5000 Pool Reviews

Perfect for use with a saltwater system, this above-ground pool features resin top ledges, resin top and bottom tracks and resin connectors, as well as a stainless steel skimmer and water return panel for superior corrosion protection.

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An additional advantage to owning one of these is that there is the option of installing semi-ground, as both pool models are warranted from the manufacturer for semi-inground installation of up to half their depths.

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