[MY EXPERIENCE] Rubber Pool Deck Reviews

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I have seen some DIY projects that involves putting rubber on a concrete decking and have decided to write a couple of things about it.

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Rubber Pool Deck Reviews

From various pictures, it does look like what is generally professionally installed product on commercial playgrounds to create ADA complaint surfaces. It does feel soft and ok under the feet.

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Last winter, I saw a rubber coating comprised of many little pieces in an hotel in Atlanta. It looked pretty, ok and was somewhat softy under my feet, probably about 1/2″ thick. Since it is applied after everything has been set it creates a 1/2″ ridge where it meets un coated surfaces like the coping. The surface feels awesome and is great to look at too.

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Rubber Pool Deck Reviews

I cannot say much for the lifespan so if you’re at crossroads, you can give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Pricing would be interesting to know. I think you could feather down the edges to alleviate a sharp edge if you have a surface level with the coping already.

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