Rice Bran for Deer Feeder – HOW TO ATTRACT & HUNT WHITE-TAIL

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Rice bran is a great deer attractant and is typically used in the formulation of commercial feeds for whitetail deer.

A lot of deer feed products on the internet contain rice bran in high volumes and can be used as baits or attractants.

For instance, one of the primary ingredients in the commercial deer attractant “Buck Bran” which is made by Wildgame innovations and “Buck Grub” that is sold by Evolved Habitats.

Rice bran for deer (CHECK ON AMAZON) is also used in supplemental feeds (protein pellets). It is a form of easily digestible vegetable fat.

Rice Bran: A Great Attractant

Whitetail deer love rice brain and it’s no wonder hunters use it to attract deer in the wild. It’s no wonder they use it to attract and pattern deer before and during the deer hunting season.

Bucks also respond to extra foods in the areas where they live, and they especially take a liking to rice bran.

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Rice Bran For Deer Ingredients vs Cottonseed

Rice bran should never be used as a stand-alone deer supplement. The thing to always remember is that rice bran is rich in high fat content, around 20%, and little else in terms of micro or macro nutrients.

Like cottonseed, you can use it to increase body condition in post-rut deer during the late fall and winter.

Cottonseed, however, is rich in phosphorus and protein levels in addition to high fat content. Neither will supply your deer with all the nutrients they need, but when provided free-choice on properties providing good deer habitat these supplements can whip run-down-deer back into shape rather quickly.

The cool fact about high fat foods is that deer can increase energy intake without having to increasing total feed consumption.

Bucks feed heavily on rice bran in the late season.

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Rice bran for deer feeder

Can I Use Rice Bran for Deer Hunting?

Yes, you can. From experience, rice bran is the best whitetail deer attractant in Post Oak Savannah region of Texas.

I hunt there and the deer’s there just can’t get enough. Whenever I switch from rice bran to con, the deer visits to my station significantly reduce.

Will the deer on my property eat rice bran?

Can’t really say for sure because it depends on what’s already accessible to them on your property and overall habitat conditions of the white-tailed deer.

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Most of the calories in corn are carbohydrates whereas most of the calories in rice bran are fat. Deer, like people, like fat. We like our carbs too.

You can afford to use higher quality seeds when planting plots and better foods (such as rice bran) when feeding because less is needed. It’s expensive to do high quality projects at large scale. Micro-management can be very attractive, and deadly, to deer.

Rice Bran vs Corn for Deer

It depends. Either will work fine for deer. But they each have their pros and cons.  Remmeber, corn is rich in carbs while rice bran is rich in fat.

So, try both for a while and see which the deer in your area loves best. Personally, I and several others in my area use corn as well as rice brans. One trick we’ve been doing over the years is mix deer chow and roasted soybeans in our corn and it seems to keep the deer coming back.

If the deer in your area don’t eat rice bran then they’ve never tried it. You can mic it with corn and put strawberry cool aide on it and that should get them started.

What other Animals eat Bran and Corn for Deer?

Rodents or crows eat love corn and you may sometimes find them eating with the deer.

Possums will eat rice bran, fox will, and coyotes love it. And of course, hogs will clean up a pile in a matter of minutes.

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Where to Buy Rice Bran for Deer?

You can buy smaller prepared bags on stores or on AMAZON (CHECK ON AMAZON). It is typically cheaper if bought in bulk.

Bulk bran can be mixed with commercial attractants or with something like molasses to add some sweetness and smell.

How to Put Out Rice Bran for Deer?

The best way is to build a small troft with a roof that protects it from the rain. Rain makes it smell bad, but if the deer in your area already loves it, they wouldn’t mind eating them anyway.

If you aren’t a DIY person, you can check some already made troft on AMAZON.

During summer, you can put it in small piles or on a stump and observe how they eat it.

I sometimes put mine in a covered trough feeder. If you put it out and the deer are slow to find it and eat it try putting some strawberry jello gelitine in it. This has worked in the past for me.

Does It Cake When It Gets Wet?

Yes, it does

Will the deer eat it when it gets wet?

Yes, some deer will eat it even when its wet

Do hogs eat it like everything else?

Yes, they do.

Do coons eat it?

Those little critters have developed a taste for it.

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