EASY Resilience Chlorine Generator Troubleshooting

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The Resilience cell is manufactured with high quality materials and need to last longer than two years, even with year-around use. The titanium plates that you see inside the cell features many ruthenium oxide that needs delicate care to make them last through the design-life and if subjected to an acid concentration that is too high, they can degrade and lead the cell to fail early on.

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It’s hard to say how strong the acid is going over the plates when you pour it in the skimmer but it’s definitely not recommended by any SWG maker.

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Resilience Chlorine Generator Troubleshooting

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Resilience Chlorine Generator Troubleshooting

Adding acid to the skimmer many times in the past might be the cause of your issue.

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Try this – Check to make sure that the electrical connections to the cell are safe and secure. If they are and the problem still continues, then the cell would need new replacement.

Optionally, you can call Resilience and ask if they will still honor the warranty.

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