How to Remove Water Behind Pool Liner [EASY GUIDE]

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Did you just take your pool cover off and discovered an horrifying sight? Your best bet is learning how to remove water behind pool liner.

Lucky You! This is what we’ll be teaching you today!

How to Remove Water Behind Pool Liner

Run your vacuum hose (BUY ON AMAZON) to a strainer and connect to a piece of 1-1/4″ PVC pipe slipped down behind the liner. This used my pool pump to remove the water.

Before sticking the pipe down your liner to pump out water, I recommend COATING THE SIPHON PIPE WITH SILICONE LUBE (BUY ON AMAZON).

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You should connect the strainer hose above water level (I did in my case since my pool level was too low). Once you have your suction hose plugged into a strainer above water level, it might be lost quickly as a result of the leaky connection leaving all the water out of the strainer and letting air to move in, breaking the pump vacuum. That is why I recommend having the garden hose run into the strainer. It keeps the full water and acts as a water seal for the suction hose.

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Note: Pre-charge the drain hose with water and ensure all your connections are seal tight. I also recommend keeping an eye on your water levels, as your line will be stressed during this process. Stress can lead to tears and weak spots.

I used an algaecide for the water I pulled out of the pool liner.

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remove water behind pool liner

How to Prevent Water Behind Pool Liner

The issue mostly occurs due to high water tables around the pool liner making it to float, or your area is suffering from serious drainage problem.

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The way to prevent a occurrence of this problem is by looking at downspouts, pitch of property towards the pool, etc. A small 2*4 with a level on it will show you which way water runs and where to.

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Some houses tend to have an higher water table and a professional is typically called in to create French Drains underground with pumps, and around pool patios.

Professionals fix this issue by digging a drench in the area where this problem exists, after which rocks are placed with a pump that kicks on and gets rid of the water.

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