Remington Solar Chlorine Free Sun Shock Review – MY EXPERIENCE

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This works great on my pool. It had my pool cleaned and looking clear within a week.

Remington Solar Chlorine Free Sun Shock Review – MY EXPERIENCE

I finally convinced myself to order one for 120 bucks after reading several reviews, including the pros and cons of this device.

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I heard from some people that it doesn’t do nothing and now I’m wondering if those people were just being mean or something. My pool suffered from green algae, for a long time and I tried plenty of shock, shock booster, alkaline booster etc. hoping it would keep it at bay but this thing, people. This is the real thing! It simply works!

After a week with this thing, I tested my water and couldn’t find NO ALAE, none. Not even on the shady parts of the pool where I never could get to go away. Folks, it works, or at least it worked for us.

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My Friend, Jenny’s Experience with Mustard Algae

I got this Remington Solar Pool Ionizer with the hope that it will prevent mustard algae from building up. Since having this beauty, I haven’t had the need to add liquid chlorine. It just keeps getting better each week. I cannot find any algae in the pool since I got this started and I’m merely supplementing with a 3″ chlorine tablet in a floater with 90 degree plus temperatures.

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Remington Solar Chlorine Free Sun Shock Review

A quick, brush down and a few rinses is all you need to clean it. Way easier to clean this than to fight constant algae with heavy chemicals. Highly recommend!

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