Red Oak Vs White Oak Firewood – WHICH IS BETTER?

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Red oak grows faster as a tree than white oak. White oak is typically denser, burns slower but hotter and tend to do well on poorer soils than Red Oak. In this red oak versus white oak firewood, I would pick the White oak as the winner.

Red Oak Vs White Oak Firewood

White Oak

Red Oak

Harder to Cut, split, season, light to burn It cuts easier, splits without being stringy, and will season faster because of being open pored. It lights easier too
Gives off more heat Gives off less heat.
Tree grows slowly, and often have tight and many knots around branches. Trees tend to grow very quickly, and seem to be the favorite of many
Tree rings on white usually 1/16″. Tree rings on reds can be 1/16″ – 1/4″.
Both have about the same ash Both have about the same ash
Plug in white oak Northern red oak
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White Oaks have more BTU’s per cord than red but the white oak smells better – like vanilla cinnamon when fresh out. Red oak splits like butter with an axe but white seems to cut easier with a Chainsaw (BUY ON AMAZON) OR Maul (BUY ON AMAZON). Easy sailing from there.

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Red Oak Vs White Oak Firewood

Is White Oak or Red Oak Better for Firewood?

White oak is typically kept for lumber, wile red is easy to use for firewood. White’s are often in shorter supply and are more used for window components or historically-correct boat.

Is Red Oak Good to Burn?

Yes! Red oak burn 30 percent better than standard wood due to a low amount of moisture.

Which oak is Best for Firewood?

The two best-known firewood’s are white and red oak trees.

Does White Oak Season Faster Than Red Oak?

Absolutely! white Oak seasons much faster than Red Oak.

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Telling the Difference between White & Red Oak Logs

White oak has bark that kind of looks like little potato chips you can flick right off with your fingers. Also, when it gets bigger, I find red oak to have much deeper furrows in the bark.

Red Oak vs White Oak Dry Time

White oak dries slower due to the cellular structure of the wood. 3 years usually, as opposed to 2 years here for Red on average. Good firewood, but long term drying/storage is necessary.

Which Smells better, White or Red?

White rounds smell are heavenly…sweet vanilla and Oak fragrance, like bourbon.

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