HOW TO GET RID of Red Algae in Pool Filter in 3 Easy STeps

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Red algae in pool filter is typically known as Pink slime and can be a common occurrence if you use Baquicil (Hydrogen Peroxide Santizer). A quick fix would be to do a double shock and use a Polyquat Algicide (BUY ON AMAZON).

I also recommend leaving anything that was in the pool with the red algae in the pool to be treated as well. That include cleaners, brushes, floats, etc. That will prevent a future re-occurrence.

What is a Pink or Red Algae?

The Pink Algae or red alae is generally not an algae but instead a bacterium of the genus Methylobacterium.

The pigments within the cell supplies it its distinctive pink color. Brushing off this invader can be hard since the slime produced around the bacteria provides it with a high level of protection.

Aside the fact that it clings to pool walls, it has an affinity for PVC plastics and can attach itself to both the inside and outside of PVC materials that are a part of, or attached to, the pool.

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This can include your pool’s plumbing as well as your vacuum or cleaner. The most common reason besides unwashed bathing tubes or inner tubes used in the river/ocean include letting FC get too low for the CYA level – even for a short while.

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Treating Red Alagae in Pool

First, balance your pH, harnesss, and alkalinity, so (chlorine works great!) then shock your pool with granular or liquid shock (I prefer granualar).

Next, you need to brush (really hard).

Has it gone? If it hasn’t, you will need to repeat the process again.

But that’s not all. You will need to have your system flushed with some hardcore algaecide or pay a pool company to do it for you. To do this yourself, simply add it straight to your skimmewrs. That way, it’ll flow through your system and wipe out the crap hanging around in there.

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Then you should also get a filter clean (d.e. filter with acid preferably (same with cartridge) and don’t forget to add d.e. (BUY ON AMAZON)) after treating your pool leave all your equipment inside the pool so it gets treated too and doesn’t spread again the next time you use it. then after all this, to get the shock out and dead algae, use a pony (portable) pump and make sure the water flow is not going back into your pool and you should be good to go.

Red Algae in Pool

How to Get Rid of Red Algae in Pool

Because it is a bacterium, algaecides will not get rid or prevent this. But, Slamming the pool with chlorine and over again will.

When SLAMming, ensure you clean behind the light fixture, if your pool has one, as well as underneath removable steps or any ladders.

Treat any pool floats/toys as well with a chlorine/water solution. Since this algae is OP at attaching itself to plumbing (areas your bare eye cannot see), then it would be a wonderful idea to maintain your FC on the high side of the target range for a couple of weeks or so after completing the SLAM process just to be on the safe side.

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How To Prevent Red Algae

Follow this step to prevent another red algae outbreak:

  • Wash your swim suits in hot water and dry them in the sun.
  • Ensure your pool toys/floats/accessories are cleaned with a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of bleach and water.
  • Never put anything in your pool that has been recently been in the stream, river, or ocean.
  • Ensure your swimming guests have a hot soapy shower before and after swimming.
  • Maintain your alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer levels in the recommended ranges
  • Run your pump and filter for 8 to 12 hours a day all season long
  • Regularly vacuum and brush your pool
  • Keep all pool accessories clean including pool toys, floats, and anything else that goes in your water
  • Practice proper hygiene

Is Red Algae In Pool Dangerous?

Yeah! Red algae in pool can present some health hazards to swimmers!

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