Raypak Pool Heater Troubleshooting SPK in 3 STEPS

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Before, we go ahead to show you how to troubleshoot Raypak Pool heater SPK code, let’s learn what this acronym means.

“SPK” is a status code that means “Spark Ignition Mode”.

“CFH” is a status code that means “Call for Heat”

So, if you’re not hearing a spark then the culprit could be the control board or igniter. If you hear the spark and smell gas then I would suspect that the burner near the igniter is clogged and not letting gas to get to the spark.

Raypak Pool Heater Troubleshooting SPK

Be careful while examining this. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt so if you think it’s too much for you to handle, it’s best to call a professional.

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However, if you feel up to the task then you need to remove the front door of the unit. Turn on the unit, while still on, kneel down and check under where the pilot is and as it sparks see if the pilot actually lights.

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If it does, then it should send a signal to the board to open the primary valve on the gas valve, then your burners should ignite.

Please be careful. Personally, I have had units shoot flames back at me while they light. More so on propane but natural could do it as well.

Now, if the unit lights the pilot, burners light, and the sparking is audible yet you see the SPK on the display, then the ignitor is not sending the message back to the board that it’s lit or the board isn’t acknowledging the message.

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Raypak Pool Heater Troubleshooting SPK

Bad ignitor or board is bad. If the units sparks, pilot never lights, and gas valve opens, probably bad board.

Burners on Raypaks hardly ever get clogged. That is one of the reasons their units beats many of its competitors. My best guess is that a bad pilot or bad board is responsible for the status message you have been getting.

If so, visually inspect the pilot to see if it has corrosion or rust, not lit of course, and determine if it is bad. Plus, there is a grounding screw that is connected to the pilot. Ensure it’s not lose or something.

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So as you can see, there are several things to look at to determine what might be wrong here. Use caution when working on it as I said above. Easiest thing would be to try a new board first as it’s the quickest thing to try.

It Will not Fire up but Just Stays in SPK Mode and I Can Smell Gas.

If this is your case then you probably have something obstructing your pilot. Not blocked since you can smell gas. Whatever it is, it is interfering with the gas reaching the spark gap. That could be something as simple as a piece of soot.

See if you can successfully dislodge it by simply tapping the pilot assembly with the screwdriver handle. Or you may have a bad ground to the pilot or jacket assembly.

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