List of Rayburn 480k Problems and SOLUTIONS

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The Rayburn 480k problems are numerous and so we have taken it upon ourselves to list out the issues you might encounter with it and ways by which you can solve it.

How to Fix Rayburn 480k Problems

  • Why does My Rayburn Keep Going out?

If your Rayburn 480k keeps sending out strong fumes and then locks out afterwards, I recommend getting an engineer to look at it ASAP because something clearly isn’t right.

  • Rayburn 480k Lock Out Problems

Have you changed your boiler stats, checked your pump pressure air flow, nozzles etc. but still your unit keeps locking out?

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Try changing the photo cell sensor from the cooker one and it should be working fine. This is a more common issue for Rayburn’s that have been around since 1997. A faulty photo cell will be on edge switching; sometimes working and other times not.

So, if your unit is 20 years or older, I’d invest in a photocell sensor (BUY ON AMAZON)for the boiler, (about £20) the cooker side will probably be ok as it’s not used as much.

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  • My Oil-Fired Rayburn 480k does not allow me use the cooker (the heating and hot water are fine

A snooty pilot nozzle is most likely the cause of this. Get a new nozzle and that should sort it. I believe the technical name may be the “pressure jet burner” but not sure.

Rayburn 480k Problems

  • My Rayburn HeatRanger 480k Oil Stove Keeps Tripping our Sockets

Check your control board; you will find a connector block for your central heating pump. The color is a normal brown and blue wires plus yellow, green earth and is visibly marked “pump”.

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Now, disconnect it and see if the problem stops. If it does, you will need to replace the central heating pump. If it doesn’t then I recommend reaching out to a local engineer or the company.

How reliable are Rayburns?

I own a Rayburn unit for 10 years now and up till now, there are no issues with it. My aunt own a solid fuel one for 32 years now, as far as I know no problems too.

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