Radiator Won’t turn Off Problem – HOW TO FIX!

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So, your radiator won’t turn off and you’d like to get that fixed? Well. First, most hot-water radiators don’t shut off completely, because if someone opened the windows and shut off the rad off fully, it would freeze and burst.

However, your problem could be less with the valves than it is with the way the system is controlled.

How to Fix Radiator Won’t turn Off Issue

  • For Rads that turn off by Using the TRV

TRV stands for Thermostatic radiator valve. It’s the big white lump on a rad valve. If you are turning feed or return off then it sounds like your valve is not turned off enough and still letting by.

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That could mean that the head of your valve is bust. To test, take the head off and see if there is any resistance and movement on the rod inside when turned. Obviously, they need replacement in this case. This is an easy test to know if any trv heads works or not.

I’ve found out that turning the state down or switching off at programmer are some of the best ways to stopping the system when not in use.

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radiator wont turn off

  • For Hot-Water Heating System

Scenario 1

Hot-water heating systems are regulated by a thermostat that is located somewhere in the building. To control the amount of heat it generates, you need to set the thermostat to the desirable temperature, and at the same time keep windows closed for the space where the thermostat is located.

That should get the heat and the ridiculous waste of energy under control.

Scenario 2

Your system has a pump on it and so the valve will not totally stop the flow of hot water. Now, If the thermostat is cranked up or is next to an open window, the pump and boiler are going to run continuously.

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Even a little bit of leak though will allow the radiator to heat up considerably. As soon as the pump and boiler are running according to demand, the valve may be more effective at cooling a given radiator or room down.

Turn the valve clockwise to reduce the heat and counter clockwise to open the valve fully.

  • Speak to the Home Owner or Manager

Contacting the home owner or manager of the building and letting them know of the problem could also quicken the fixing.

I hope it helps!

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