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Like you, many want to know who, besides Wickes, supply radiator top grill and side plates for already existing radiators. Well, we will get right into it then.

Radiator Top Grill And Side Plates Covers

It does depend on the make of radiator. Some producers make mix’n’match, but typically it’s normally better to get the grilles and panels that are created for your rads, as they have a range of fixing methods, and the depths can vary by a few mill.

Once you understand (or can find out) what radiator you own, the rest to do is to google search for stockists of that manufacturer.

From experience, I have discovered that unless the radiators are basically supplied with them, they might not always sit 100% right and a bit of a knock can take them off.

Another alternative (I found on a forum) will be to write a nice email to stelrad praising their product and see what you might get in the end. This idea worked out for me pretty well. They even directed me to go down and supplied me with a grill set for the kitchen radiator putting it down as a replacement part.

Lastly, you can get some panels for elites from any merchant closest to you. Many typically have them ordered in. Elites are the same rads as Compacts without the panels. Softline panels will fit too and they are visually appealing.

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Radiator Top Grill And Side Plates

Do Radiator Top Grills and Side Panels Reduce Heat Output?

No! Not worth worrying yourself over. However, those MDF and wooden enclosure covers however do massively.

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