MY EXPERIENCE – Radiant Metric Pool Reviews

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We have a Radiant Metric oval installed completely above ground and this pool has been great value for the money. 5 years so far and no single issues. I highly recommend it.

MY EXPERIENCE – Radiant Metric Pool Review

Our Radiant metric was our third pool….and fifth or sixth pool build. We got the 21 footer one and I wholeheartedly recommend one. My only regret is not doing foam padding under the bottom. Everything else is solid, square, beautiful and sturdy.

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Later on, we used uncuts sheets of Styrofoam, and filled in the rounded edges with vermiculite. The Edges are bumpy, and transitions between materials is super obvious. During liner replacement (hopefully many years from now), we will cut Styrofoam to fit the entire bottom!!

Someday the liner’s going to need replacing and we’re going to have to fix that.

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Radiant Metric Pool Review

Radiant Pool vs Doughboy

My local radiant dealer has been on this business for more than 20 years and only installs two pools now – the radiant and the doughboy.

My friend and I checked out both pools up and running at his store and amazed by the overall features of the radiant pools. I have nothing against dough boy here, but when I compared them working side by side, the difference really is very evident. The radiant’ walls are solid as a rock. I kicked the walls of the doughboy and it was a flec, and tried the same with the solid walls of the radiant and It didn’t move (haha). I did both without any support posts.

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Anyway, hope that helps!

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