DIY, Decorative & Best Rabbit Proof Fencing Wire for Garden

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Using rabbit proof fencing wire is a good way to keep your garden safe from destructive rabbits. Plus, it makes your garden more aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t want to use wire? You can try out some decorative rabbit-proof fencing. Let’s face it – gardening is a lot of work. Why not put up a pretty fence to protect it?

Never underestimate a rabbit. Those cute little devils can wreck destruction to a garden pretty quickly.

Plus, once a rabbit stumbles upon an easy meal (like an unprotected garden), it will come back for more, again and again until the garden is no more or you find a way to deter it.

There are some effective rabbit repellents out there.

For starters, Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent is one product that works pretty well. However, you’ll need to consistently re-apply repellents if you want them to work 100% of the time.

Taking out some time to build a nice fence saves you time and effort from continually re-applying different repellents around your garden, and if you make the fence removable you can take it down at the end of the season to rototill your garden or clean up your backyard.

Do You have chickens? 

The design shared here today works great for building a chicken run for your chicken coop.

It’s strong enough to keep out predators like fox, coyotes, and raccoons.

The best part? They won’t be able to dig under the fence. This prevents them from ever getting inside.

Remember to add a roof to your chicken run to prevent hawks and other flying animals from entering the chicken run from the top,

Simple DIY Rabbit Proof Fencing – Using Chicken Wire

The simple DIY rabbit proofing garden secret is using galvanized 1” x 1” or 1” x 2” fencing wire (CHECK ON AMAZON)  which is sturdier and more effective but costs more. Using chicken wire (BUY ON AMAZON) is the least expensive, easiest to assemble, and will work fine too.

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Anyways, either one will work just fine. However, if you ever decide to go with chicken wire, just bear in mind that it is a bit hard to work with.

How? Because it constantly wants to roll back up and it’s flimsy so having a friend, neighbor, or family member will make this project a lot easier.

The small size of chicken wire works amazing for keeping rabbits out of your garden, even baby bunnies!

You need the following equipment to build start your rabbit-proof fence:

  • 1 roll of chicken wire 4 feet tall and long enough for your garden
  • T posts
  • Zip ties and wire cutters
  • Shovel

Step 1

Map out the location for the fence around your garden

Then, take a shovel and dig a trench about 9”- 10” deep around the garden where your fence will set.

Step 2

Next, pound a T Post in each of the 4 corners of the fence line (assuming your garden has the shape of a rectangular or square).

Now, space extra T Posts every 6”-10” throughout the fence line.

Although it takes a few more posts, I prefer to space the T Posts every 6′ which keeps the chicken wire tight and prevents any bows in the wire.

Do not space the T Posts any further than 10′ apart or the fence will sag.

Step 3

As soon as your posts are in place, you need to zip the start of the fence to one corner.

With the help of another person, unroll the fence around the garden with the bottom of the fence resting about 8” in the trench you dug.

Optionally, you could bend an “L” shape into the bottom of the fence that’s buried underground, but as long as you bury the fence at least 8” underground, a rabbit won’t be able to dig or burrow underneath it.

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Lastly, zip tie the fence at the top of the T Post and at the bottom of the T Post and add 3 more zip ties through the middle section of the post to securely fasten the fence to the post.

Step 4

Continue rolling out the fence in the trench and zip tie to each T Post as you go.

Once the fencing is established, fill in the trench with dirt, pack it along the bottom with your feet and you’re done!

You can add in a step ladder over the fence to access the garden or if you want to make a fast entry door in the fence, simply leave about a 2” gap on one side of the fence.

You can now place a sheet of plywood over this gap and remove it anytime you need to enter the garden.

Rabbit Proof Fencing Wire

The Most Effective Rabbit Proof Fencing Specification

Have the T-Post spaced 6”-10” and fence buried 8” into the ground.

Rabbit Proof Fencing Specification

How To Keep Rabbits From Going Under Fence

You could bend an “L” shape into the bottom of the fence that’s buried underground, but as long as you bury the fence at least 8” underground, a rabbit won’t be able to dig or burrow underneath it.

As earlier stated, the key to a successful rabbit proof fence is to extend buried fencing a foot or more outward from the bottom of the fence.

If the rabbit tries to dig under the fence, they’re stopped by the buried wire mesh.

To make my chain-link fence rabbit proof, I bought rolls of livestock wire mesh that were 3 feet high, with 2–by–3-inch rectangular openings. I unrolled the wire and bent it into an L shape, with the bottom of the L spanning 15 inches outward, and the vertical leg of the L extending 21 inches upward.

Next, I laid the wire mesh against the chain-link fence, so that the L extended outward 15 inches, laid flat against the ground.

Best Electric Fence for Rabbits, Racoons, Squirrels, and Deer

To keep rabbits, racoons, squirrels and deer out of your garden, space your electric fence 3 inches apart, with alternating hot and ground wires.

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Here is some electric fencing you can install – CHECK ON AMAZON.

What are the Best Rabbit Fences for Gardens?

The Rabbit Guard FENCE and YardBird Rabbit Fence are two of the most durable, well-constructed fences to deter rabbits and rodents you can try.


Being one of the top rabbit fences on the market means it has the following features:

  • Made out of heavy-duty galvanized steel that lasts a lifetime.
  • Smaller holes at the openings to prevent rabbits (and other small critters) from gaining access and larger holes at the top to keep larger nuisance animals out of your garden.
  • It uses a 14-guage wire and measures 28in high by 50ft wide.
  • It comes rolled up for easy storage and transportation.
  • It is very effective
  • More convenience unlike using sprays and other rabbit repellents.

Click Here to Check Price on Amazon


This is the #2 in our ratings of the best rabbit fences on the market.

Here are some of its features:

  • Built out of highly-durable, 16 gauge galvanized steel that lasts a long time.
  • It features vinyl coating for extra protection from wear and rust.
  • It is painted green to blend with your garden.
  • The mesh boxes in this fence are smaller at the bottom and wider at the top to account for different-sized animals that may try to enter your garden.
  • This fence measures 28″ high by 50 ft wide.
  • It is beautiful to look at yet durable and effective at keeping rabbits out and your plants safe.

Click Here to Check Price on Amazon

Overall – Building A Rabbit Proof Fence

Building a rabbit proof fence around your garden keeps out hungry bunnies, rodents, squirrels and other animals with ease.

With just a few supplies and an afternoon of work you too can prevent your garden from being raided, or worse, destroyed, and your fence will look great!

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