4 Quality & Best SubWoofer with KEF LS50 Wireless

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Did you just buy a KEF LS50 Wireless system? Congrats to you!

However, you might be shocked to discover that although the sound is amazing, it is lacking in the bass department. If you’re someone like me who likes their bass loud but balanced (a clean chest thump with clean bass whilst still retaining the mids and highs), you’d love this list.

The subwoofers reviewed here can be used to watch action movies on occasions.


Best SubWoofer with Kef Ls50 Wireless

SVS SB1000, 12″, 300w, 24hz to 260hz @ -3db – 3.5″ (H) 13″ (W) 14″ (D)-

SVS SB2000, 12″, 500w, 19hz to 220hz @ -3db – 14.6″ (H) 14.2″ (W) 15.4″ (D)

  • SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) – 12-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Sealed Cabinet – Best Subwoofer to match KEF LS50

This sealed sub with a 12-inch woofer and a 300-watt amp is a perfect choice!

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I play upright bass and bass guitar and was searching for a small-footprint sub with great low-end clarity and accuracy for music with the ability to occasionally shake walls and I stumbled upon this.


This subwoofer is more than great for music and movies! Forget the price point, this soundbox is more than worth every penny.

Unlike many cheap designs out there, this sub does not just blow pitched air out a hole. It comes with a great tone, that is – it sounds awesome, like a costly upright base would.

So far, this has proven to be better than my B&W ASW608 and the 12” M&K V176. It is also very good at the higher frequencies that I need because of my speakers’ high cross-over point (200-250 hz). Great job SVS!

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  • REL Acoustics T/9i Subwoofer, 10 inch Front-Firing Driver, Arrow Wireless Port, High Gloss Black – Best Sub for KEF LS50 Wireless

This is the second subwoofer I’ve bought from REL Acoustics. I bought the first one around 17 years ago and it finally lapsed its use, so I replaced it with a much newer model and I’m more than happy with my decision.

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The T/09i produces deep, mellow yet excellent sound and compliments my sound system, filling out the lower frequencies and making for a fuller, richer sound.

It greatly makes my music listening session with my babe more pleasurable.

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  • SVS SB2000 12″ 500-watt Powered Subwoofer (Black Ash Pair) – Best Subwoofer for KEF LS50 Wireless

These subwoofers are some of the best I have ever used, yet alone bought. And I’ve owned several sound systems made by Klipsch, Martin Logan, Definitive Technology, and others.


While these brands are great, this is the best of tehm all. What won my heart over is that if you use moderate loudness setting, the SVS subwoofers – while super powerful – will not rattle your windows or shake the walls (it certainly can do that if you crank it high).

I love this because the sound was either too much rattling or too quiet in my other subwoofers from other brands and I could never quite find a balance well.

With the SVS SB2000s, I enjoyed a nice moderate setting that sounds impressive to my hearing and others but it’s not over-the-top with overpowering loudness and window-shattering vibration. I think the only other subwoofers that are close to these are some of those made by HSU but I rate the SVS SB2000 as better still.

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These are game changers for me and they are not as costly as some of the less powerful ones produced by other manufacturers. Check it out yourself: 500 watts steady, 1100 watts peak for an affordable price and great performance.

  • NHT B-12d 500-Watt Powered Subwoofer with DSP (Piano-Gloss Black, Single) – Best SubWoofer with Kef Ls50 Wireless

This subwoofer is as good as 98% of music lovers listening to movie sound tracks or albums will ever need.

This is a class D amp’d sub, piano gloss black, line in of LFE, all the crossovers you’ll need, technically as good as anything. Looks tremendous and matches timbre with the Absolute Towers, and TwoC Center/Three C Center…

If what you seek is a competitive product with class look, quality, service, and sound, alongside great value, then pick the NHT speakers.

That marks the end of our best sub for KEF LS50 Wireless review. Ensure to share this post with family and friends if you found it helpful.

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