Push Down Sink Plug Won’t Stay Down – HOW TO FIX QUICK!

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So, your push down sink plug won’t stay down? Let’s check out some quick fixes!

How to Fix Push Down Sink Plug Won’t Stay Down Issue

  • Try Wd40, (BUY ON AMAZON) it sometimes works.
  • If that fails then you need to check the rubber seal. I once worked on a building with a bad batch, the rubber seal absorbed water and made it to expand, often causing the plug to get stuck in the plughole. If it expanded to much maybe causing it not push in all the way.
  • It could be the ‘latch’ too as it sometimes fails. It is Cheap to replace btw if that is the culprit.
  • There is no grit or its simply a bit of muck so you just might crew it out and chuck a new one in.

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Help! My Tub Drain Won’t Stay Down

If your “foot lock” tub drain stopper doesn’t ever stay close, then you can do the following:

Call the builder (if it’s a new home and make them aware of the problem). They typically send the original plumber out to fix the issue.

If that fails, then you might need to unscrew the tip toe plug and take it to a plumbing store to match it up. Also, you have to step on one edge, not in the middle on some systems. So double check to be really sure.

push down sink plug wont stay down

Push Tup Stopper Won’t Stay Down! – SOLUTION

If your bath stopper won’t stay down and you can’t tear your bathroom down then I recommend replacing that piece in the center. Juts unscrew it and fit another.

Pop Up Bath Plug Won’t Stay Down, What to do?

Use an adjustable monkey wrench (BUY ON AMAZON) to remove the pop-up mechanism. If the pin that controls the pop-up mechanism is broken you can get a replacement on Amazon or eBay for around 5 dollars.

Simply search for “POP UP PLUG BOLT” (BUY ON AMAZON). Then screw the old one off and simply replace with the new one. Piece of cake and you can save lots of money this way!

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