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I use the pristine blue pool chemical alongside the nature silver stick in filter and the results have been great!

So far, these products work really well for residential pools. The water is better balanced and so clear. I ordered teh rest of pristine blue tjis week to try and will keep everypne updated as it goes.

I love the look and feel of my water so fast. Barely have to use any chemical.


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Pristine Blue Pool Chemicals Reviews

Pristine Blue is non-chlorine and you can swim in the pool immediately after use. This product can be used to control bacteria and algae in residential hot tubs and swimming pool. It is eco-friendly, andĀ EPA registered as an algaecide/bactericide(Nonpublic Health Bacteria).

The sanitaton and algae prevention in Pristine Blue comes from copper sulfate, so copper ions. Copper is not a fast-acting sanitizer. However, it is more efficinet in killing bacteria than silver ions and that’s far slower than chlorine.

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Pristine Blue Pool Chemicals Reviews

It is good at preventing algae growth and but ineffective against viruses. It is thereforeĀ unsuitable by itself for preventing transmission of disease from person-to-person which is why such systems are not used in commercial/public pool environments.

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