Price of Timber Per Acre – Pine Timber Values/Acre

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Many landowners have no idea how much their timber is worth, let alone what to do once their land has been cut.

For most landowners, selling timber is a once-in-a-lifetime or even twice-in-a-lifetime event, so getting the sale right is critical. Landowners should be aware of the worth of their timber, which varies depending on the size, quality, and species of the trees on their property.

You’ve heard a lot about the advantages of chopping down trees. But you’re not sure where to begin or if it’s even a good idea.

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You’ve been admiring that patch of forest trees on your land for a long, pondering if it’s time to tear it down.

How much are my trees worth?” There are various processes to selling timber, but you may get a lot of professional help if you need it.

How Much Money is an Acre of Timber Worth?

Pine Timber Values/Acre


Year Plantation* Natural
2017 $1,542 $1,618
2018 $1,694 $1,738
2019 $1,566 $2,055
2020 $1,666 $2,100
2021 $1,796 $2,300
2022 $1800 $3,000

Knowing the price of timber will help you in knowing how to get your timbers sold for a good price without overcharging the buyers or undercharging them.

You may likely have Timbers for sale and wondering how much a piece of timber will get sold per acre.

Consulting foresters also work closely with wood purchasers and may frequently negotiate a favourable price on behalf of the landowner.

They can also assess a tree stand to see if the trees are financially mature and ready to harvest.

Additionally, foresters know what questions to ask when it comes to the timber’s present fair market value.

So it will be wise to engage their services before venturing out to sell your timbers.

There are a lot of uses timbers can be put to, they can be used as a source of firewood to keep the house warm during winter seasons, used in making furniture, fencing, roofings amongst other things.

Trees serve as a source of food and also help clean the air, hence keeping our environment safe.

In this article, we will be looking at how much we can make from having an acre full of timbers.

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What Influences the Prices of Timbers?

Before getting into the details of how much your acre of timber can fetch you, we will start by looking at what influences the prices of timber, what makes it expensive or less expensive.

Ultimately, the law of demand and supply is the driving source behind the prices of timber, the more the demand, the higher the prices, the lower the demand, the less money you make from it.

The demands for timbers are mostly influenced by some important attributes like surrounding mill types, proximity to mills, the quality of the timbers, the volume of the timbers, and the location amongst other factors.

For instance, Timbers used in manufacturing top-quality grade lumber in proximity to multiple sawmills are most valuable than small timbers used in making pulp and paper products.

The value of timber and how much it will go still depends on what kind of harvesting is done and how much timber is sold.

The larger the scale, the higher the price per unit of wood that can be offered.

How To Obtain Values for your Timber?

Before commencing sales of your timbers there are ways you can have your timber valued and they are:

You can start by calling your state service forester, who works for the state Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, or Forestry Commission in some states.

Your state’s Land Grant university is likely to have Extension Forestry personnel. Agricultural Extension agents operate in county offices and can be discovered by looking up their phone numbers in the phone book.

Another way is to get a rough idea of the prices by examining the prices of timbers in your state or a surrounding state .etc.

How Much Does Timber Cost, Per Acre?

Due to the recent covid19 crises, the prices of timbers have been inconsistent.

High demands for tissue products such as construction work have created a good opportunity for timbers to be sold.

It is also a good opportunity for matured timbers to start getting marketing because it is for seeing that the rate of construction will be high in the foreseeable future.

Clear cuts harvest of older timbers is more valuable per acre.

The average stumpage price is $1800 per acre in total.

That is the average cost of timber per acre, but it is subject to change regarding the factors.

To figure out how much your timber is worth, multiply the volume by 1,000 and multiply that by the price listed in your state’s standing timber stumpage report.

Price of Timber Per Acre in Mississippi

Timber prices vary by region due to the law of supply and demand. The price of wood goes up if the mills need wood, and if they don’t, then the prices go right down

The price of timbers in Mississippi depends on the type of tree and the market when it is being sold, you can sell timbers per acre for $500 to $2000.

Price of Timber Per Acre in Georgia

Depending on the wood species you can have Timber prices going for:

White oak goes for $515, Chestnut Oak goes for $300, Sugar(Hardmaple) goes for $275.00, etc.

The value per acre of timber in Georgia can range between $500 to $5000, it all depends on how fast the trees grow, the management per acre amongst other things.

Price of Timber Per Acre in Illinois

The vast majority of Illinois forest owners are put at a huge disadvantage when they sell to loggers/timber buyers, this is because these buyers/loggers buy standing Timbers just to make profits, so they tend to buy your timbers at the lowest possible price.

Contact a professional consulting forester to help in the marketing and sales of your timbers.

Price of Timber Per Acre in Louisiana

Lumber prices have soared to records. Demand for wood is skyrocketing. The shares of wood suppliers are surging.

And yet, trees themselves are dirt cheap in places like Louisiana, where timber supplies are plentiful.

The so-called stumpage fee, or what lumber companies pay to landowners for trees, for Louisiana pine sawtimber on March 31 was $22.75 per short ton, according to the latest data from the price provider TimberMart-South. That’s the lowest since 2011.

But it is of hope that the prices will continually see an uprise shortly.

Prices of Mature Timber per Acre in Louisiana range from $3500 to $5000.

The volume of the timbers will determine the prices it will get sold for.

Price of Timber Per Acre in North Carolina

To get a good price for your timber in North Carolina, it would be best to contact a forester. In the quarter year of 2021, Timbers saw an upward surge in price, the prices were about $30.9ton

But while saw timber pulp and pine saw an increase in prices, saw timbers and chip n saw stumpage prices were considerably down.

Mixed hardwood saw timber prices in the state averaged $25.5 per ton in the third quarter, up 4% from the previous quarter and up 9% from a year ago. Hardwood pulpwood prices rose to an average of $7.9 per ton across the state.

 Price of Timber Per Acre in Alabama

In Alabama, you can sell your standing timber for $3000 per acre. Before going ahead to sell your timbers, it is always wise to have a professional come over to take a look at how much your timber can be priced and how much it can be sold for.

Looks are receiving, you may think timber is of good quality just because it looks good, and at the end of the day it may not be worth much.

Average Price of Timber Per Acre in Virginia

Prices are very useful especially if it comes to assessing the current conditions of the timber market. It may even be the only way to calculate the basis for income tax purposes by the landowner.

The actual prices a landowner will be paid for his/her timbers are dependent on so many factors, these factors include the Timber’s Straightness, its quality, age, size, accessibility, condition of forest roads, total acreage to be harvested amongst other things.

The Average price of Timber per Acre in Virginia is around $595.90 to $934.46.

But do remember that if you are to sell your timbers for a good sum, you will need to hire the services of a timber consultant as they will not only assess how much your timbers are worth, but will also tell you which timber to cut down and which to leave, in addition with getting you, buyers.

Average Price of Timber Per Acre in Lowa.

Cropland values have fluctuated mostly as a result of fluctuating commodity prices, which have no bearing on timber values.

price variations are influenced primarily by discretionary income because timber generates little to no income.

with a state-wide average timber value of $2,342 per acre toe, up to $56 per acre from the last survey.

Timber values range from $1,780 per acre in North-Central Iowa to $2,694 per acre in South-Central Iowa.


It is very important to solicit professional opinions when you are a landowner and you want to sell your timbers, doing so will open your eyes to the market prices and enable you to also get the best prices for your timbers no matter your state or region.

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