Power Vac Vs Hammerhead – MY EXPERIENCE

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Power Vac is a necessary equipment if you live in the Midwest, or opening a pool full of leaves. You can use the mesh bag too to get all the leaves out quick. If you don’t want to dirty its filters, use the superfine bag. The HH is nice since it features a cart that can carry a jug, test, and acid kit but it costs more than the Power Vac.

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Power Vac Vs Hammerhead

Either one will work on high debris load pools, definitely!



The power vac head is almost around 1.5x the width, and can fit much stuff into one bag. The bags are around the size of 36”x18”, and you can put in many leaves in one pass. Otherwise, you’d be emptying an in-line leaf can or pump basket multiple times. The hammerhead is a life saver.

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I have owned one for several years and I can tell for a fact that if you’re like me who has customers who like their sweep basically get to the point where it fully stops moving before they’re looking to pay for repairs, then the Hammerhead is one unit you will fall in love with.

Additionally, the HH prove really useful when you get a new pool where their equipment has topped running for a long time and it’s simply trashed. It’s worth it if you’re going to be in the industry for long.

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It also has a cart that can carry a test kit, jug and acid. However, it costs more than the Power vac.

Power Vac Vs Hammerhead

I vote the HH because it can cesspool and don’t even need to be able to see the bottom because the beast will pick it all up if I just manage to get the head anywhere close to it. 20 minutes to get it off the truck, set up, and completely vacuumed.

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