PoolProof Borate Water Harmonizer Review

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PoolProof Borate water Harmonizer is simply a liquid that adds borates to the water. Once inside the water, it works similar to adding borates any other way.

Borates are not magical, you can still get algae, though it does give you a little more margin that you have without borates.

PoolProof Borate Water Harmonizer Review

Although all borates work the same. The reason we prefer pool proof borate over others is because:

  • Granular borate products dissolving in pools/spas is hard. Granular borate formulations’ alkalinity, which approaches 9.5, necessitates a subsequent addition of acid to the pool to the tune of about one pound of acid to every two pounds of granular borate. Because borates are super strong buffers and plenty of acid is required after their addition to get your PH back down to normal.
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Since that is so, PoolProof Borate water harmonizer is made to counter these issues by:

Being an easily-dissolvable liquid that neither sits at the bottom or top of the water pool, It will not cloud the water surface or skimmer and doesn’t require spreading all through the pool to avoid surface or clumping damage.

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PoolProof Borate Water Harmonizer Review

Secondly, rather than making sodium tetraborate pentahydrate (which has a very high pH) part of the ingredient, Poolproof borates use a disodium octoborate tetrahydrate, which has a pH of about 8.5. After which they then acidify it to bring the pH back down to 7.6, and remove nearly all of the sodium hydroxide to create a pH-stable material.

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That means you won’t be needing to add an acid after using PoolProof PoolProof if your pool’s pH was balanced prior to application. That will save you more bucks in the short and long run.

Once that has been added, the PoolProof product only needs a minor topping in a few years. It does not evaporate or degrade from the water with time.

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