Is Your Pool Water Yellowish? HOW TO CLEAR!

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There are a number of reasons for yellow pool water and they include:

  • Iron contamination
  • Liquid Chlorine Contamination
  • Tannins in wood
  • Change in PH
  • Mustard Algae

Is Your Pool water yellowish? FIX IT NOW!

Now let’s learn more about each and how you can clear yellow water in pools

  • Iron Contamination

It’s probably iron levels of high iron concentration. If you lower the pH and the color fades, then it is very likely to be metal ions and a good metal sequestrant (CHECK ON AMAZON) should help (the HEDP-based sequestrants are the best.

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Before buying the best metal sequestrant, you should test for iron content in your pool.

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  • Liquid Chlorine Contamination

This happens within minutes of adding liquid chlorine to your pool and it turns brownish-yellow. To clear the yellow water simply add 3 boxes (small refrigerator sizes) of baking soda and you’ll begin to see the water clear up in front of your very own eyes. So, try it and I hope this helps someone out there solve their problem.

Pool Water Yellow

  • Mustard Algae

Another reason your pool water could be yellow is Mustard Algae infestation. These are a pain in the butt to get rid of. If you have it, order from Amazon or go into your nearest pool supply store and pick up a container of Yellow Out (or an equivalent product) and follow the instruction on the label.

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It may take some days to fully get rid of it but once it’s gone it’s much easier to keep it out by being diligent with your chemicals.

  • Other Reasons

A pool with a far from ideal PH range could also suffer from this. Another cause of this might be tannins in woods. Many words, especially cedar, is high in tannins that might leech into the water if you let them soak but it would take it an awful lot of wood to change the color of something the size of a full swimming pool

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Another common cause of yellow water could be iron; which will appear as a brown color in more serious cases.

Anyway, regardless of the cause of the yellow water, you should do the following:

Do a full water test done to measure the common variables such as chlorine, TDS, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH as well as being sure to also test for metal content, copper, iron as well as phosphates.

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