Is Your Pool Pump Housing Cracked? SIMPLE FIX!

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If your pool pump housing cracked recently then we have the perfect solution for you!

If it’s a Hayward pump housing then Epoxies and other products don’t work with that plastic type and in this high-pressure environment. Instead, you should melt the crack together with the soldering iron without using any other plastic.

The soldering iron needs to be 60 watts minimum because you will be working on hard plastic. You need to takeout the motor because the crack needs to be fix on both sides. Look at the photos. Wear a mask, dangerous fumes. Goodluck!

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pool pump housing cracked

How to Repair Cracked Pool Pump Housing

To repair your pool pump housing that is cracked:

  • Melt the line crack
  • The plastic will then melt to the sides, then melt each side again to the inside of the crack.
  • Ensure you work on both sides of the crack
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This solution is easy and it serves as a super strong bond.

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Using JB Weld (CHECK ON AMAZON)  and a Strip of fiberglass cloth

  • Sand off the white crust on the inside of the pump housing
  • Apply a bit of JB Weld around the crack
  • Lay the fiberglass strip in place, at least a half-inch beyond the crack in every direction.
  • Add another thin layer of JB Weld, so that the fiberglass cloth was completely saturated.
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DO NOT use JB Weld on the outside of the crack, because the pressure would spread crack and split the JB Weld in a matter of days.

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