Why is My Pool Losing Water when Pump is Off? & FIX!

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Is your pool losing water when pump is off? It is surprising pool owners incorrectely assume that their pool is losing when in actual reality, it isn’t.

Before concluding that your pool actually is losing water, you should carry out some water loss tests. There are many variables that can cause your swimming pool to lose water so it’s important to rule them out.

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Why is My Inground or Swimming Pool Losing Water when Pump is Off?

  • Splash Out

Splashing done by kids and adults can cause some water loss. Depending on how many swimmers you let in a day, it could lead to some serious water loss.

To test the rate at which the pool loses water, ensure you close the pool off to swimmers for a couple of days and then run your tests. Alternatively, you can mark the water level before the pool gets used by the kids.

Once they’re done swimming, you can check how much water was lost during the day activities.

  • Filter Maintenance

Do you own a filter that needs backwashing maintenance? By backwashing the pool filter, you can note a drop in the water level of the pool in a couple of minutes.

  • Evaporation

I have found evaporation a common culprit in lots of complaints. Humidity, wind speed, ambient air, temperature and water levels plays major roles in how fast your water disappears.

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Using a safety cover or solar blanket consistently greatly reduces the rate of evaporation.

  • Leaking Water

The last check to do is on the hardware system. Although swimming pools are built to be leak-feree, some still leak here and there as they become older.

Let’s find out how to solve these problems.

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Pool Losing Water when Pump is Off

How To Find Where My Pool Is Leaking

  • Plugging Pool Returns & Skimmer –

We recommend isolating your pluming system from the structure of your pool and then plugging all the suction and return ports. This includes the main drain if you are able to get to it. If you plug all ports in your pool and the pool continues to lose water then this is a confirmed symptom of a leak in the pool structure somewhere.

  • Turning Pump On & Off

Do this

  • Run the pump for 24 hours and record the amount of water the pool loses
  • Now, Refill the pool to the same starting point but turn off the pump for 24 hours. Record the rate of water loss.
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If the amount of water that the pool loses is different than with the pump running this points towards a plumbing leak.

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