Pool Ground Cloth vs Tarp: Which is Better?

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There is no difference between them! They’re just additional protection from punctures. As long as your level and not on roots or rocks then you should be fine! Tap plus sand is even better. Enjoy Your Pool!

Pool Ground Cloth Vs Tarp

  • Pool Ground Cloth

A good pool ground cloth will keep your pool safe while its on the round. They are available in various sizes so no matter what model you own, there is a size that fits.

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They’re convenient and handy ground pieces that protects pool liners from the hard, harsh debris and rocks. That means you can complete your pool’s installation with the confidence that it will last longer and remain puncture-free.

You need to ensure you purchase a model thick enough to provide the desired protection from all forms of hazards. Pool ground cloths typically cost more than tarps, and they last longer too.

So, if you need a product that will stand the test of time, consider picking the pool ground cloth.

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Pool Ground Cloth vs Tarp

  • Pool Ground Tarp

Is your ground already leveled? Then we recommend you use a pool ground tarp. You should NEVER use it in place of sand or other ground levelers out there though. A tarp in some cases makes lumps and lumps of dirt base to show at the pool’s bottom.


That might create an uneven and lumpy pool surface that might prove really hard to keep clean. With a tarp, you still need to have a cover to protect your pool.

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A tarp is generally more affordable and readily available compared to a ground cloth and when used carefully, can provide the same service life with a pool ground cloth.

Which One to Use?

As you already noted, using either of these materials comes with both advantages and disadvantages, why not use the two? Anyway, the final decision about which material is best for you is one that only you can take. So, pick the best above ground pool you want and place it in it. Good luck!

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