Pool Filter Leaking from Bottom, Cap – CAUSES & FIX!

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Is your Summer waves, Bestway, Intex, De, Hayward or Pentair pool filter leaking from bottom? Do this –

Check the base to see if it’s leaking from there or under the filter. Next, is to check the intake or outake piping. If the leak is coming from the filter canister itself and not from the drain plug plumbing, or where the bottom and top join together then you would need to replace the filter. Why? Because air getting into the filter will not create a leak but will allow a leak to leak faster.

If there is a crack in the filter body, then you should take it out for service. Failure is unlikely, but could be harmful. 15 pounds per square inch over the entire surface area of the filter equals a lot of force if it were to fail.

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How to Fix Pool Filter Leaking from Bottom

If you notice pin-holes in the stainless steel tanks, then chances are that the pipe on the bottom or it’s connection is the cause.

First, try to re-teflon tape (BUY ON AMAZON) the male thread or something that may have cracked. If it’s a piece or part you can’t replace then you can limp with a 2-part epoxy patch for a while  (if you don’t feel like ordering and replacing a part right now).

I hope that it’s something that can be fixed with a few wraps of teflon – if it’s more serious, read on to find out how to deal with it.

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Why Is Water Leaking From My Swimming Pool Filter?

Leaking water near or from a pool filter can have several causes. One thin to have in mind is knowing/discovering where the leaks originate from. The leak could be the union on the, or valve or union on the return side or the filter itself.

  • Drips

Does the leak not look serious? Something like a drip? Then check for any fittings above or at that area that might be loose. Next, apply a sealant straight to gasket surfaces and retighten.

  • Streams of Water

Once you begin to notice a high-pressure or consistent stream of water then the cause is most likely a bad o-ring or gasket. If the leak is coming from either of the pipes that lead out or into the filter, the o-ring or union seal should be changed with ease.

  • Filter Leak

Check out the o-ring that seals the top half of the filter to the bottom portion. Some manufacturers use a removable cap instead. The task of repairing this is not all that hard.

  • Filter Crack

Repairs can be made to the filter housings, but it is a complex task and a replacement of the failed portion is usually more cost-beneficial.

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If the leak is coming from the multiport valve or pump or backwash then these should be treated separate from the filter. I recommend using a simple gasket with sealant.

Pool Filter Leaking from Bottom

Why is my pool pump leaking from the bottom?

Your pool pump is leaking because the shaft seal within the motor assembly is bad and needs replacement.

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Is it normal for pool filter to leak?

As your pool filter gets older, it needs to be replaced. That could be the reason for the leaking.

How much does it cost to fix leak in pool?

That would depend on if you want to repair it yourself or hire a professional. Typically, it costs anywhere from $50 to $2,000 for materials, labor, draining, treating and filling of water.

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