CHEAP Pool Cover Water Bag Alternatives for Winter

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Are you looking for pool cover water bag alternatives that weigh down your winter covers? Look no further as we have listed cheap alternatives that are easy to empty in spring.

Note: You should never use what is too hard. A wooden board or block can be pulled into the pool by the cover and end up puncturing the liner.

List of Pool Cover Water Bag Alternatives

  • SandBags

In the past, I have used sandbag. Other than ice damage, they do a very good job!


I recommend using a sand filled 1” PVC pipe (with the silicone plugged 1 end of each pipe, filled with sand and silicone plugged the other end – keep the plug inside the pipe so you can still use the 90*s, 45*s and coupling fittings you used in the corners and to connect the 10” long sections.

Next, you number the pipes and use a laminated diagram for the layout. This is really easy to secure your cover every winter.

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  • Plastic Buckets

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5 Gallon plastic buckets seem to do the trick. You just need a lot of it. If they get dragged into the pool, they just kind of float around. Although they’re cheap, you can get them almost free from ice-cream parlours etc.

Alternatively, you can buy from Amazon too.

Pool Cover Water Bag Alternatives

  • Old Bleach Jugs

You can use old bleach jugs. Simply fill them with water and place them about 2” apart. Now, you set them on the cover back about 2-3” from the waters edge. I have used the water bags too but within a few days at least 1 side was already empty and I bought them brand new to use this past winter.

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