Pool Acid Wash Alternatives for Mild & Tough STAINS

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So, there are stains in your pool as a result of factors such as calcium deposition, miss-sprinkle of calcium hypochlorite etc.? You want to get rid of them but would like to see some pool acid wash alternative first? We’ve got that covered.

Let’s begin!

Pool Acid Wash Alternative

  • Use Sandpaper

Using sandpaper on stains at the bottom of the pool is effective but might take a very long time to do. You can use a long pole with wet paper attachment.


An alternative would be using a big 7-inch disk grinder with a flexible pad and sand paper but be cautious with this setup.

Why? Because you could end up burning the plaster. Instead, simply hit it. The plaster isn’t tough as you may think it to be and it will result in grind marks.

It’s even more riskier if the plaster is rough and old, the stain might be deep into the plaster. You will make a big ugly spot trying to get it out if it doesn’t come right off.

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Note: Do not use sandpaper if it’s that old. Instead, hire a company to use an under-water polisher with a diamond pad.

I Have tried the Sandpaper Method and would like to Try Acid Wash, how can I do this Safely?

Acid wash makes your pool rough and doesn’t take out much of the stains. To know if acid pool wash will work for you or not, try this “Take your pool brush pole, without the brush and hold it on the stain under water and pour some acid down it.

Hold it down there for a couple of minutes and see if it helps.


Pool Acid Wash Alternatives

How to Acid Wash Pool Without Draining

The quickest way to acid wash a pool without draining is by using the “Drainless Acid Wash”. It simply involves you leaving the water in the pool and bring the PH level way down (by adding acid to the pool water) then scrub the bottom with a brush.

Note: Acid wash should be done properly, the right way especially if you own a heater. Jack magic is a great product but some homeowners have had no luck with it. To do this yourself in a cheap way – Simply drain the water to just past the area to just past the area, then get a belt sander and be careful with it. Once you’re done, fill it ASAP. Do not, I repeat, do not allow it sit without water.

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buy jack magic (amazon)

I believe where many homeowners miss it is by not following the procedure correctly. Personally, I have tried some of their products and they do work if done properly and none require draining. I recommend The Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff™ and The Copper & Scale Stuff™ and both work, you just need to determine what type of staining you have.

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Can I Acid Wash My Pool Myself

Yeah! You absolutely can and this is how:

  • You should use a standard 20-dollar garden pump sprayer to apply Muriatic Acid mixed with White ‘n Brite on to the plaster.
  • Do a Muriatic Acid to White ‘n Brite Mix 10:1
  • If the stains appear really bad (black or dark green) then mix like 10:2 or 10:3 and more than one application is required!
  • Take the pump sprayer and then put an application on the plaster, beginning at the bottom and working up to the walls. Next, let the acid mix.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes and then pressure wash it with a pretty narrow tip. If by now, the stain hasn’t been eliminated, head over to a pool chemical supply store, then get a chlorine granulate and give a few scoops of it in the pump-sprayer that now is filled with water and shake it for mixing.
  • Now, apply this just like the acid mix and then begin scrubbing the stain really hard and then allow it there for half an hour, then wash it off.
  • Next, take a diamond pad polisher and polish. With the polisher at hand, you can make it smoother than a fresh plaster trowl finish.
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Note: If your pool is in too bad shape to acid wash and polish then then this will no work. Intead, you can replaster then for 8000USD. On other hand, the normal charge of pool polishing is about 3500 USD and polishing gives you about 10 to 15 years if you take care of the pool chemistry.

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