WHY the Polaris Pool Cleaner goes in Circle? & SOLUTION

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Own a 280 or 380 model? Do your Polaris pool cleaner goes in circle, small clockwise circles until the hose becomes one big tangle? Then we have good news for you – causes and solution!

Why does My Pool Cleaner go in Circles? PLUS SOLUTION

  • Solution One

Lift it off the bottom. Do you see all the wheels turning at the same pace? It might be something gummed up inside and is causing the havoc.

I own a 380 and I have had little hoses pop off or split, I have to fuss with it at least four times a year. Plus, I once had a small stone (pebble) caught inside the works once, and that didn’t help either.

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So, get rid of any foreign object you might find inside it and restart it. If it doesn’t work, try solution two.

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  • Solution Two

Check the back; there is a jet there that you can maneuver around when you loosen the screws that hold it. Move the jet so it’s pointing even and centered, tighten the screws back up and try it out.

Polaris pool cleaner goes in circle

  • Solution Three

I could bet now that the issue is broken drive belt. The way to uncover this is to carefully open it up. The turbine or belt might be old and weary in this case where only one wheel is being driven forward causing it to circle.

You can get a rebuild kit on Amazon (CHECK ON AMAZON) or a Polaris store (costs more). Polaris units need a yearly service, which is why Polaris sells rebuild kits and maintenance kits.

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Polaris pool cleaners need to be rebuilt every 3-5 years. Your manual should have an exploded diagram. If it looks too techy to you then you should take it to an Authorized Polaris repair facility. A lot of them will explain the process to you if you buy the parts from them.

It’s just a normal part of pool maintenance, nothing serious.

  • Solution Four

This is the last solution to the problem of – My Polaris pool cleaner goes in circle problem!

So, check the float situated on the top of the cleaner and see if it is holding water. If it is, then you should replaces and ensure it is screwed in all the wat to the body of the cleaner.

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Next, lay the cleaner and hose straight out on the pool deck for a couple of days in the sun to heat the hose straight. A hose that is curled and laid in the sun will make the cleaner run in circles.

Insure that your returns on the pool are not set to high resulting in pushing the cleaner hose around.

Now, remove the top of the cleaner and check the belts

Look inside the cleaner for any hoses that have blown off their connectors.

Check the tire treads and move them from one side to the other.

Restart and hope that it works!

If all of these solutions don’t work then I’m afraid you will need to buy a new unit.

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