WHY is My Polaris Booster Pump Making Loud Noise? | How to Fix It!

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Your Polaris booster pump making noise could only mean one thing – A bad bearing.

A lot of users have complained on forums that they hear a high pitched whine, with rare occasions being a growl in them as well.

How to Fix a Bad Polaris Booster Pump Making Loud Noise

Bearings are easy to fix too, well depending on how good you are with DIY projects. It involves tearing into the motor and using a puller to get them off the shaft, then either using a press or carefully using a hammer and a piece of pipe to get the new ones on.


While it may seem to be some work, the bearings aren’t expensive. It costs less than $50 plus shipping,

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Why is My Polaris Booster Pump Making Loud Noise

If your bearings begin to make noise, here’s how to fix it:

  • You can change the motor or,
  • Take the motor to a shop to have them put new bearings in the old motor. Replacing them and the seal at a local electric motor repair shop will likely cost around $50.

DO NOT allow someone get in your head and make you buy new pumps, haha.

polaris booster pump making loud noise

Other Reasons why Your Pump Might be Making Noise

  • Air Leak

There could be an air leak on the suction side causing air bubbles to be moved around in the pump housing. If that is not the case, check out the other reason.

  • Cavitation

Partial blockage on the suction can lead to the formation of bubbles on the impeller under a high suction.

Try this – Open the pump basket lid and fire up the pump and allow it run dry for a few seconds.

Do this after you have run it and the noise occurs so the thing is at operating temperature when you pop the lid. Run it normally to get it to temperature and making noise, shut it off, pop the lid, and run it again for 10 seconds or so. See if it makes any strange noises both while running and when you kill power and it spins down. Won’t hurt anything.

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