Polaris 9300 Vs Aquabot Turbo T-Jet- [REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE]

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I am not a big review writer but these products deserve the efforts. If you believe that “you get what you pay for”, then buy the Polaris 9300 (BUY ON AMAZON). The Aquabot Turbo (BUY ON AMAZON) is simple to use, clean, store, CLIMB WALLS and transport too. Either will serve you well, but I prefer the Polaris. Let’s see why

Polaris 9300 Vs Aquabot Turbo

Let’s do a comaprison between these two unique products!

  • The Polaris 9300 Review

Like the Aquabot Turbo T, the Polaris 9300 is a water propelled. It features a cartridge filter that can be easily accessed via the opening at the top of the robot with a fast release and pulling out the filter by it’s handle.

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It sulks that the cartridge cannot use disposable bags though.


The filter media of the cartridge is said to be about 100 to 50 microns efficient. I could not find the exact filtering efficiency. You will find an handle on the cartridge and that is perhaps the best part of this unit. The filter intake is HUGE. Leaves, small twigs and acorns cannot escape cleaning-up.

It sucks them up until it’s full. This machine comes available with a large pump, 4800 gallons per minute. A 60-foot card and caddy for it’s lean 16 pounds. It features a front brush and has the appearance of a racecar.

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The machine can climb stairs and walls with ease. However, the ability to climb is directly influenced by the amount of debris in the cartridge.

This robots direct competition is the Aquabot Turbo T and Smartpool cleaners.

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Polaris 9300 Vs Aquabot Turbo

  • Aquabot Turbo T-Jet Review

You will love the simple yet efficient design of the Aquabot Turbo T-jet. It is a beauty to behold.

With no drive motor, belts, pulleys, tracks or brushes to replace. The one solitary motor, a high-volume pump, pulls double duty as both vacuum and propeller.

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This Robot can reach up to 5000 square feet per minute on 4 wheels. Part of what makes it the ideal machine for gunite is its wheels.

This pool cleaner will work for both in-ground pools and above-ground pools.

The disappointment here is that this machine will NOT climb a 90 degree right angled corner but will climb the deep end, just not vertical walls.

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A very nice feature is a timer on the transformer allowing you to preset when the robot reverses. I wish all robots allowed this.

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