Plastering Over Copper Pipes – HOW TO DO IT RIGHT

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Plastering over copper pipes is not recommended if the wires are not covered. You should wrap your copper wire in duct tape (BUY ON AMAZON) or pipes (BUY ON AMAZON) before plastering up.

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Plastering Over Copper Pipes, How to do it Right

Before you plaster your copper pipes, you should wrap it in duct tape or electrical insulation tape. I generally recommend wrapping it with something.

Yeah! All copper pipes should be covered with something, especially if cement and sand is used. A bit of movement is better as you see. Some plaster doesn’t harm copper but you can use a plastic sheet cut into 2 or 3″ strips & wrapped tight like a bandage & taped would do. Wire mesh can be good if a wide area & helps avoid cracks, but not always

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From experience, the simplest one is a plastic-coated soft copper. It doesn’t take a very long time to wrap the pipes or getting that nasty sticky grease off your fingers afterwards.

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plastering over copper pipes

Plastering over pipes – What’s allowed?

The easy way to do this is to put them in a plastic condult so they can expand and contract that prevents direct contact with the plaster.

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