[PICTURES] Are Pigeon Chicken Hybrid Real or FAKE? FIND OUT!

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So, there have been recent reports of pigeon chicken hybrid tiktok video with some pictures breaking the internet.

But, are they really real? Do these birds with heads of pigeons, but the body of a chicken truly survive? Does a pigeon chicken cross actually exist?

Are Pigeon Chicken Hybrid Real?

No, they are not.

What you are seeing on youtube and tiktok is some “pigeon-chicken hybrids” that are just odd-looking pigeons. (Quite a few are “Maltese Pigeons.” I can see why people would think they are crossed with something, because they do look different than most pigeons, but they are really just another breed of pigeon.)

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This is a picture of Maltese Pigeons

As for the pictures, most are Japanese Bantam; they have a big fantail and look like a blend of chicken and pigeons.

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This is a picture of Japanese Bantams

Third, Modena pigeon. These are commonly termed ‘chicken-pigeon hybrid”. They appear short and round, and are tall and stretched.

Modena pigeon
This is a picture of a Modena pigeon

To further emphasize just how different pigeons are genetically from chickens, they aren’t even in the same Order genetically, the family “Columbidae” belongs to the order Columbiformes. And the family Phasiandae belongs to the order Galliformes. The genetic gap between a chicken and a pigeon is larger than the genetic gap between a dog and a cat.

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Can a Chicken Breed with a Pigeon?

Young pigeons might mate with a hen if you hold her down but it won’t result in an offspring.

Studies have proven that a cross between chickens with turkeys is not possible to get a successful hatch. These are two birds in the same family.

Pigeons and chickens on the other hand aren’t even in the same family and are too genetically different.

Pigeons are from the family “Columbidae” and chickens are from the family “Phasianidae”.

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I have never seen, heard or watched an instance where an animal is able to hybridize with one from a completely separate genetic family. It would be like breeding a dog to a cat if you ever attempt it.

Besides, even being from the same genetic family doesn’t guarantee a successful cross.

For instance, Mandarin ducks and wood ducks are unable to cross even though they belong to the same genus.

Is It Possible for A Chicken and A Pigeon To Produce Offspring?

No, it is not. It is genetically impossible.

Gunieas and chickens have the same number of chromosomes, and can interbreed.

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