Piazzetta Pellet Stove Reviews – MY STORY with Sabrina & Monia

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Made in Italy, Piazzetta pellet stoves look nice, run very quiet and are quality standard. They have an office here in North America.

Piazzetta Pellet Stove Reviews

I own the Piazzetta Sabrina and I am highly satisfied with it’s performance so far. The Sabrina is the bigger of the two models I saw on Amazon. It is a 47k BTU, and they also have a smaller Monia, which is a 37k BTU model.

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Both of these units have a majolica option, which strangely changes their name. The Monia is more common since it costs $300 less than the Sabrina. The Sabrina features a 66lb hopper, while the Monia’s is the only 35lbs I beleibe. For me, 66lbs is perfect for my needs.

During winter I burn 1 and a half bags, so I have a fairly simple daily routine.

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  • Built well
  • Works well
  • Boasts of a modern design
  • No issue running off my whole house generator
  • Cleaning is relatively easy and fast. Daily cleaning takes 5 minutes while weekly cleaning takes 20


  • Manufacturer has been in for farily 3 decades
  • The glass fogs up fast
  • Ash pan is small; the size of a teacup.

piazzetta pellet stove reviews

You should buy a nice Powersmith Ash Vac (BUY ON AMAZON) with it. That will help suck out the small ash pan in less t

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The Piazetta, like several other Euro models uses a control board that has many settings that allows for easy customization from pellet feed rates to combustion air.

Lastly, Euro stoves like Ecotek, Palazzetti, Piazzetta, and Astroflamm also use common parts, like combustion fans, control boards, etc. So, if you ever need parts, you know there are more sources out there than just foreign ones.

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