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The Pentair Superflo VS 342000 warranty sucks, yes! But the pool system itself has been AMAZING!

Pentair Superflo vs 342000 Review


It runs silently (even at 1400 rpm) but does make some noise when at full speed. However, I use mine a little above halfway and it circles my pool once a day in 12 hours. I always recommend a flowmeter and I had one installed in it inline on the supply line feeding the pump.

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Programming was simple as ABC, and I use a booster pump for the floor vacuum, so I typically run this on a low speed for all 3 settings for half a day.

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But now to the warranty. Pentair only guarantees a 60-day warranty, unless you use a “qualified installer” meaning an electrician or a pool company. Anyways, installation is pretty easy so you only need to have a brain, some DIY skills and that’s all!

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PVC plumbing is simple and instructions is really clear. Plus, the wiring is really simple – three wires, three screws. I bought a SquareTrade Warranty through Amazon to cover any issues for 3 years.

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pentair superflo vs 342000

I did initial power calculations, and my old pump was drawing 7.75 amps @220V, so around 1700W for about 8-9 hours a day. The chlorine generator ran at 100% and could just keep up in the summer months. With this pump, I run 1800rpm @350W (it tells you right on the display), so I save about $1 a day by running this pump.

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