How to Perform a Pentair Screenlogic Protocol Adapter Reset

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You can perform a Pentair screenlogic protocol adapter reset by pressing the recessed reset button. You can unplug and plug back in the wireless router to reset it.

How do I reset my Pentair ScreenLogic?

You need to verify the wireless router Power Led in on. These two devices will be located near one another. Cycle the power to both of these devices.

Lastly, you can use a paper clip to reset the Protocol Adapter by pressing the recessed reset button.

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Pentair Screenlogic Protocol Adapter Reset

Problems with Pentair Screenlogic

If your ScreenLogic does not connect to your home network, it could be that it was due to the ScreenLogic having a default gateway (network address) setting of

In most cases, ScreenLogic reset itself to its default settings. A lot of home networks use so the fix was to go into the home router settings and change it to use (which will then break all your other network devices connections) however then once the ScreenLogic was connected you could then change the gateway address in ScreenLogic settings back to use the homes gateway of

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