[HONEST] Pentair Prowler 920 vs Dolphin M400 Vs Warrior Se Review

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The Pentair Prowler 920 is the perfect robotic pool cleaner that you need right now. We shall also be comparing it against Dolphin M400 and Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus.

Pentair Prowler 920 vs Dolphin M400 Review (with Others)

Let us help you decide which cleaner is right for you!

  • Pentair Prowler 920



Both Prowler 920 and Dolphin M400 map out your swimming pool to provide you with best clean. Both cleaners even climb and clean the walls!

These units come with a power pack that turns on the cleaners from outside the pool.

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These cleaners come with a 60-foot cord, making sure that the whole length of your pool is clean.

Both cleaners move by gliding the floor and walls of your swimming pool on a set of tracks.

Both units have filters that can be taken from the topside of the bots.


The Prowler 920 automatic pool cleaner is a Pentair product.

The prowler 920 features a basket filter with a handle for simple removal where the top of the unit is opened.

The Prowler 920 only moves up and down the walls of your pool whereas the Dolphin can move from side to side.

The Prowler 920 comes with dual floor scrubbers.

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  • Dolphin M400


The Dolphin M400 is a Maytronics product.

The Dolphin M400 features dual cartridge filters that can be easily reaches when the top of the bot is opened.

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The Dolphin M400 also boasts of a caddy so that you can easily roll to where it needs to be without needing to pick up, and lug, the bot, cord, and power pack.

The Dolphin M400 can be controlled through Bluetooth. Simply download an app, and then use the bots Dynamic Dual Drive 360 feature. This feature lets the Dolphin M400 to perform zero-degree turns, moving 8 ft. left or 8 ft. right. This is perfect for spot cleaning!

The Dolphin has three scrubbers vs. the two that the Prowler 920 has.

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  • Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus


This pool saves lots of time and doesn’t require bulky manual sweeper. Its such a big-time saver. It does miss a spot once in a while but for the most part this sweeper does a good job.

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Pentair Prowler 920 review

Pentair Prowler 920 Vs Warrior Se


The Warrior Sl has no caddle but only a Bluetooth while the Prowler 930 has a Bluetooth or WiFi and a caddle. Not much else I can say is the difference. While many may argue that a caddle is not needed – unless you have a long way to carry robot from pool to the storage area.

I am sure others will chime in. From my research the P930 is more equivalent to S300 and Active 30 or M400 models. It appears the Warrior SI was just a small upgrade from Warrior SE to add Bluetooth only.

We hope this Pentair prowler 920 review article helps you decide on the most recommended pool cleaner to get!

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