Pee in Hot Tub or Swimming Pool – WHAT TO DO

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Pee in hot tub or swimming pool is a more common occurrence than you think. Many think its not a big deal but in reality, it actually is big! The consequences could be life-threatening if ignored.

What Happens if You Pee in a Hot Tub?

Urea is a chemical substance present in urine that breaks down into a by-product known as Chloramine. Chloramine is harmful to the skin upon contact, via the hot tub or if it is inhaled, via the steam from the hot tub.

The consequence includes burning, irritation all over the body, itchy eyes, and a strong, persistent cough. This is even more worse for people with asthma, and consistent inhalation of chloramine can increase a person’s sensitivity to certain fungi and bacteria types.

When someone has peed in your hot tub, clean it well, as soon as possible.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Hot Tub Urine-Free

When it comes to matters of urine in a pool or spa, prevention is always the best step. Here are a couple of preventive measures to put in place to prevent urine and other contaminants from ever getting into your hot tub:

  • Post a Bold Sign

By posting a sign where guests, family and friends will see it before they get into the tub, saying/illustrating that peeing in the tub presents harm to other uses, and request that they use the bathroom before going into the tub.


  • Spreading the Message via Word of the Mouth

Communicating verbally to guests and family that peeing in your hot tub is not acceptable behavior because it puts other users of the tub at risk for infection, especially young children and people with medical conditions.

  • Requesting that all Users shower

It is important that users shower (with antiseptic soap) before stepping into the tub. While it may not be always true but a lot of us have traces of feces and urine on our bodies on a daily basis, even if we may think we do not.

By showering before hot tubbing, you wash off any contaminants on your body including oils, makeup and lotions.

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Pee in Hot Tub

What To Do If Someone Pees In Your Hot Tub

If You believe that a user has peed into your hot tub, you can take the following steps to get rid of the urea and make sure it is safe for you and other hot tub users.

  • Shock the Hot Tub

Shocking the water is an effective method of oxidizing urine and getting rid of it in the hot tub.

Warning: You will need to wait until the chlorine levels drop before you can use it again after shocking.


  • Drain the Hot Tub

If you still discover that the water smells unusually strongly of chlorine after you shock the hot tub, then it’s highly likely some traces of urea remain on the vinyl surface of the hot tub.

If that is the case, then there’s almost nothing else you can do other than draining your hot tub and cleaning it deeply.

You’ll need to get rid of the contaminated water from the tub, and then once it is empty, you can give the sides of the hot tub a good and thorough cleaning. It is time consuming, yes but you need to do it if you want to remove all traces of urea from the hot water tub.

What Happens If I Pee In My Hot Tub

The nitrogenous compounds in sweat and pee (like urea) will react with chlorine in your hot tub to create trichloramine. This will irritate your eyes, burn your skin and result in breathing problems for every user of the tub.

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