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Are you a first timer look for some nice, cool yet relaxing pool finishing or simply want to remodel and need pebble tec alternatives? We’re here to share many with you!

Note: Pebble Tec brand would not be my first choice in dark blues, because they use organic blue color that fades when exposed to chlorine.

Besides that, Pebble Tec is great! Five years from now, you won’t remember the cost difference but you will still be enjoying your pool. PT will last longer that is why it appears like you’re paying more up front but saving over the long haul. If you can afford it, do it. Wet Edge is the closest I have seen that possess similar quality but depending on your state, you might be paying more or the same.

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Pebble Tec Alternatives to Try!

So, what are the different Pebble Tec options or substiture out there? Here they are!

  • River Rok

This is our #1 alternative to pebbles. The stones are somewhat smoother and smaller than pebble tec. You can also customize the colors to your liking.

In our case, we picked a color called Baha Sand, which is a 60/40 mix of blue to black, so it’s fairly dark, no green.

  • Tropical Breeze Pebble Tec

If you stay in California, I would recommend them and they don’t upcharge too.

  • Hydrazzo

Polished to a smooth texture, the Hydrazzo is about the same price as a Premium Pebble Tec.

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Lots of alternatives to Pebbletec — quartz, aqua bright, finishes from national pool tile and wet edge, several others.

There are many alternative Pebble finishes but none will hold the 15-year warranty that PT does. You could look at Pebble Fina.

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Pebble Tec Alternatives

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pebble Tec

Now, that you know PT competitors, It’s time to check out their advantages and disadvantages.


  • It looks great!
  • Majority of installers out there will perform ongoing maintenance
  • The plastic is super durable
  • It handles exposure well.
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  • It costs more than a Pebblefine option
  • It is less attractive finish when compared with pebble sheen.

Alternative companies off the top of my head would be Hydrazzo, Marbletite, River Rok etc.

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Types of Pool Plaster

White Marble Plaster – Standard white plaster is the tried and true pool and spa surface finish. …

QuartzScapes –  Creates a brilliant and enduring appearance for your pool and spa.

Diamond Brite – Combines durable quartz aggregate with white cement to create an accented, non-fading surface. …

PebbleTech and many more!

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