Can You Put Peanut Shells in Compost? FIND OUT

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We do not recommend composting peanut nuts and butter because of the high fat and oil content but it is fine to put peanut shells in compost! So, if you have lots of peanut shells, it is fine to use them to pot your spoil rather than throw them away.

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Can You Put Peanut Shells in Compost?

You can add peanut shells in compost as a great source of high-carbon addition to the soil. Make sure you wet it or use enough high-moisture ingredients (e.g. coffee grounds or kitchen scraps) as peanut shells tend to dry out the compost once they begin to rot.

Note: These shells take years to decompose so you might need to shop around for a much quicker high-nitrogen provider (CHECK ON AMAZON) if you can’t wait that long.

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Should I add Peanut Shells in Potting Soil?

Yes, you can add peanut shells in your potting soil, but make sure there is no trace of salt on them. Decomposing salted peanut shells will damage your plants as salt tend to be stubborn in soils.

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Can I use Peanut Shells for Fertilizer?

While they will work as fertilizers, peanut hulls take time to work. Plus, you need to use quite a lot to get your desired result.

peanut shells in compost

How to Grind Peanut Shells

  • Break up the shells
  • Wet them down to quicken the process
  • Put them in a blender and blend away or you put them on the ground and step on them or shred them using knives or scissors.

How to use Peanut Shells in The Garden

Peanut Shells can be used for mulching in the garden.

  • Add some cottonseed meal to ground
  • Break up the peanut shells to quicken the decomposition process & prevent compacting when rain falls.
  • Lastly, apply as you would any mulch
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How Long Does It Take for Peanut Shells To Decompose?

Chemically, peanut shells can take anywhere from 2-3 years to fully decompose. I recommend grinding up the shells if you plan on adding them to your compost pile.

They will still take time to break down, but it adds a nice bulk to your compost.

Are Peanut Shells Biodegradable?

Yes, peanut shells are biodegradable, but make sure there is no salt on them.

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