Octopus Pool Cleaner – THEN vs NOW – SEE MORE!

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The octopus pool cleaner system, also known as the Jandy Energy sweep was a pressure side disc that floated around the pool and featured long and short tentacles that sprayed pressurized water out the ends eventually getting almost everything to the primary catcher.

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Hence, the name Octopus swimming pool cleaner. The catcher was about 24-30 inches in diameter, with screened bottom and screened top (with square holes about 1/8”)with a poly loop handle (inside blue rubber tubing) to pull it out by snagging it with a brush on pole.

The octopus teacher pool cleaner featured a flexible plastioc/rubber so that it fit flush with bottom in curve around drain.

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Octopus Pool Cleaner

It was large enough that it could hold a lot of leaves without clogging up the main drain. The bottom “screen” was elevated somewhat, about 3″ from the bottom by the “skirted” base.

However, there have been better Pool cleaners manufactures after then and we strongly recommend getting a Polaris because they have proven to be reliable, highly made, and provide long service years.

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