15 EASY O Ring Lubricant Substitutes that WORKS!

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There are lots of O ring lubricant substitutes out there that you can use.

Here are some:

DO NOT USE VASELINE! I caution against using anything petroleum related (especially with water), as it can damage some O-rings by making them swell and rendering them incompatible with petro based lubes.

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List of Top O Ring Lubricant Substitutes

Do you need a better product to use to lubricate O rings?

Substitutes for your O Ring lubricant substitutes include:

Okay List

  • Silicone grease
  • Dish Soap (I found Dawn really helpful)
  • Corn head grease
  • Mineral Oil
  • Engine Oil,
  • Baby Oil, Crisco.
  • Engine Oil
  • regular multi purpose grease,
  • Hyd oil,
  • Olive oil.
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Most Successful List

But the best performing ones I love best are:

  • Hydraulic repairs like Lucal Oil Stabilizer
  • STP
  • Motor Honey

O Ring Lubricant Substitute

For Water Soluable Situations

I have had the most success with:

  • KY Jelly
  • Brand Personal lubricant really works most when water is added.
  • Murphy’s oil soap or paste is another decent one.
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