Nzxt Kraken X53 Vs X63 Vs X73 Comparison – MY EXPERIENCE

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Are you looking to do nzxt kraken x53 vs x63 vs x73 comparison? We’ve got you covered!

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Nzxt Kraken X53 Vs X63 Vs X73 Comparison

The primary difference between the x53 and x63 is the size of the fans/radiator.

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X53 is 240mm radiator with a 2x120mm fan while the X63 is 280mm with 2x149mm fans.

The x63 is a 280mm radiator which means extra cooling capacity.

In the gaming world, larger is technically better but you also need to account for your case to verify they fit properly.

Personally, I notice you’d have to run the fans on x52 @1,500 ROM to get the same cooling capacity as an x62 @1,000 RPM. Higher RPM = more noise.

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Kraken x53 vs x63 Performance

The Kraken x63 is better for performance than the x53.

Kraken X62 vs X63 Difference

The x63 is better than the x62. In fact, It does what it’s supposed too, it’s problem is it can be a little resource heavy, but honestly… I believe your set-up can handle it.

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Kraken X53 vs Corsair H100i Pro

Personally, I prefer the NZKT. But, this is for software and aesthetics reasons.

If you already own one or two Corsair products then we suggest you for the Corsair. This is to prevent having loads of different controlling manufacturer software.

Either products will do the job, so ultimately it does not matter particularly.

Again, both are good, Corsair gives more bang for buck while the X52 is all about the bling.

Corsair customer service is incredible.

The temperatures are pretty similar, only really a couple of degrees difference between the two.

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NZXT Kraken X63 vs Z63

Both are great options and are amongst the best cooling for demanding processors the market has to offer.

The biggest different lies in the visual aspect of the pump head cap.

  • The Z63 allows you glance at your case and instantaneously tell the CPU’s temperature, or see your favorite gif displayed from your hardware.
  • Go for the NZXT X63 if you would prefer sound-proof cases with no tempered glass side panels.

Kraken x73 vs kraken x63

So, which one has better cooling performance? 3x120mm or 2x140mm?

Truth is you’re literarily getting the same temperature with both.

However, the z73 is bigger, longer and with 3 fans. I own the z63 and its 2x144mm fans on the rad.

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