No Hot Water Upstairs but Hot Water Downstairs – EASY FIX!

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The first step in solving your problem of no hot water upstairs but hot water downstairs is by finding out exactly why you do not have hot water. Once the cause of that has been identified, then you can go ahead to work on possible locations for the problem and determine if that can be easily repaired or not.

There are lots of expensive methods of scouring the pipe and then lining it with an epoxy, but even then, there is no means of verifying the process worked as expected and did the complete job.

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No Hot Water Upstairs but Hot Water Downstairs

No Hot Water Upstairs but Hot Water Downstairs – EASY FIX!

  • Confirm that the hot riser valve is all the way open.
  • Turn off valve t0 water heater
  • Open hot side of a faucet in the basement. Preferably a laundry tub faucet. If you don’t have a LT faucet then use and sink faucet on any floor below the troubled bathroom, but remove the aerator.
  • Locate and turn off valves under sink on 2nd floor (in the bathroom where the problem lies).
  • Take away both supply tubes from valves you recently turned off.
  • Then run a supply tube from the cold-water valve to the hot water valve
  • Now, turn cold valve on and allow it run back through the hot line until it flows out the faucet you left turned on below.
  • Your problem is temporarily solved if the water flows out below. On the other hand, if it doesn’t flow, then you most likely need the hot line rerouted or replaced. If that is the case, then I recommend rerouting or replacing both cod and hot at the same time.
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