Nature Zone Cricket Breeding Kit Review – MY EXPERIENCE!

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If you need a cricket colony starter kit, then you’re in the right place!

Nature Zone cricket breeding kit has been around for a while, but the question remains – does it work? Is it worth the price?

For us to answer this question, we purchased this item and having been using it for quite some time now, here is our review:

Nature Zone Cricket Breeding Kit

The directions on the kit is a bit mileading but the kit itself is great for beginners and it works.


Here are the correct directions:

  • Get a separate terrarium to begin
  • Take out the egg laying medium-by and place in another terrarium
  • Place the egg carton shells in your terrarium so they have places to crawl around
  • Place the food and green cricket bites in your terrarium
  • Get a heat lamp to encourage breeding. Maintain 89 degrees temperature.
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Once done, you should add 10 females and 10 males to breed. It doesn’t matter what breed of cricket you have – this will work for any.

But, how do I tell the difference between males and females?

Well, the females DO NOT sing, only the MALE SINGS by rubbing their wings and legs together.

Female do what is known as a oviposter instead – this is a sword like tube up to tree quarters long from the end of the abdomen (like a stinger).

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Observe them to make sure that breeding takes place. Once breeding occurs, you will notice the females laying their eggs in the egg laying medium-by. At that time, you should take out the males as the males tend to eat the eggs.

They could dig out the eggs and feed on them all.

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Nature Zone Cricket Breeding Kit

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Now that the females are finished laying eggs, you would need to take out the egg tray.

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This is where the kit comes in. Place your egg tray in the kit terrarium. Then, put the top on and ensure you place in the food around the edges.

Now, put little water pellets and this will serve as your incubation chamber for the eggs.

Note: closing the top will not suffocate them in fact you could use this kit for any eggs to hatch you could use it for reptile eggs ETC …

Remember, this kit is only for eggs though not breeding. I hope I have helped.

I’ve been breeding for years if you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. Thanks

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