SAFE & Effective Natural Antibiotics for Squirrels at Home

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Colloidal silver for squirrels is safe and a natural antibiotic you can use on your babies with no worries at all.

You can get it online without having to visit the vet too.


Natural Antibiotics for Squirrels at Home

The antibiotic is known as Colloidal silver or Super-Silver depending on your area, the brand and place you’re buying it from.

To administer it to your squirrel

  • Take 6ppm-10ppm of pure silver added to pure water
  • Then feed to your pet

A bottle typically costs less than 50 bucks but lasts you for a very-very long time.

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How does Colloidal Silver work and Why is it Safe?

The silver particles of this antibiotics like to attach themselves to anything celled foreign to the body. That is viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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Next, it sucks out the oxygen out of just that type of cell, thus killing it without touching anything else around it.

It’s so effective that I sometimes use this antibiotic for squirrel pneumonia. It has saved my horse’s life three times now and my Rottweiler has to on it daily as she has auto-immuno deficiency, which typically means her immune system is unable to fight off anything since it’s too busy fighting itself. So, without silver she gets ear infections, eye infections, skin infections..welol, you get the point.

My friend’s squirrel, Charlies had an eye infection and this saved him as well.


How to Administer Colloidal Silver to Squirrels

Use an eye dropper to drop it right into the mouth. It is 100% safe and you cannot overdose.

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I like to dose several times a day since that allows the system to simply flush naturally whatever it is that is bothering the animal and there is no risk at all of ever developing an immunity…EVER…

Side Note: You can use it on yourself too…it will kill everything from strep to h1n1…even ecoli.

Don’t believe me? Try this simple test: In the morning before going to work or after a work-out when you need to use a deodorant, put silver in a spray bottle and spray it on under your arms instead of deodorant and immediatelt it’ll stop the smell.

Why? Because smell is caused by bacteria forming in the warm area and this kills it. I’ve done these plenty times and it works fast.

Important Notice: When your silver order comes in, REMEMBER TO KEEP IT SERILE!!!! DO NOT EVER MIX IT with anything and prevent it from touching things like microwaves or electrical devices.

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It must remain sterile or it’ll stop working! You can keep it in the cupboard with your dishes.

What I do when I want to give it to my animals is that I pour it in a clean bowl or glass, and then I use the syringe to suck it up and then give it to them.

Lastly, you can always have antibiotics on hand with silver.

Other FAQ

Safe Antibiotics Dosage for Squirrels

For clavamox, you can do 15mg/kg. An adult gray squirrel weighs around .5 kg

For Terramycin

The dose is 10 grams per pound

If your fuzzer weighs 1/5 pound ( about 6 grams) you need to deliver 2mg


Dissolve the packet in 10 cc of cool water and administer .25 cc of that solution ORALLY now – NOTE that is 1/4 of a cc

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