Help! My radiator key Doesn’t Fit – QUICK FIX!

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First things first, no radiator key will do every job. However, if your radiator key doesn’t fit then try using long nosed pliers and a steady hand or with a file make the new key fit.

One trick I like to do is to Cut 1/4″ off the end of the left hand key, it will fit then. Problem solved!

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Help! My radiator key Doesn’t Fit

There is no standard size for plumbing rad keys, so they can vary widely. But this has changed as of recent years, and now most new valves use 1/2″ unions with spanner flats so no keys needed though.

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radiator key Doesn’t Fit

Others have had huge success with a small file – simply take away the round flange that sticks up alongside the square vent plug – and try with a different key that has been flattened across the open end – there’s too many rounded surfaces with those vents.

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