Muriatic Acid Dangers & Effects on Humans – How to Stay Safe!

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Although Muriatic acid dangers are many, the main one is the fumes. They can be quite nasty and you certainly shouldn’t be breathing them in. Muriatic acid can easily damage clothing with ease. All you need is one drop of it.

The effect on your skin won’t be much (assuming you wash it right off) but it will sting badly if you have a cut though.

You definitely don’t want it in your eyes. The more dilute acid is a bit easier to handle, the fumes are not nearly as bad. However, dilute acid means twice the carrying and often is twice as expensive (though that varies).

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It will also etch your concrete decking quickly if you don’t rinse it thoroughly.

There are two alternatives. One is a product known as Acid Magic (BUY ON AMAZON) that has an inhibitor added to it that makes it fume free. I believe it is sold at most Ace Hardware stores. The only downside I’m aware of is that it’s a bit more expensive.

35% sulfuric is also an option. This is used in pools mostly in the SE of the US more than muriatic. It is also non-fuming. The cons are that it’s much more corrosive to metals if you spill it and over time it can build up sulfides in the water. I doubt you’ll be able to find it cut and packed for consumer use outside of FL and Ga though.

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Muriatic Acid Dangers

Muriatic Acid Effects On Humans

A few drops on your clothes will create holes in them. They may be unnoticeable at first and give you that “warm, fuzzy” feeling if you are unaware of spilling it.

A little drop on your skin and you should get that area in the water ASAP! I recommend diving into the pool straightaway. Wait 10 seconds before getting water in the area and it will get warm quick. NEVER wait up to thirty seconds or you will get burned.

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Avoid pouring it into a large surface area and bending over and get a whiff. The fumes will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! As far as you don’t jerk back and throw the acid on yourself, I don’t think you are capable of suffering any damage from inhalation…. Your body’s reaction is too fast.

It’s quite frisky but if you handle it with confidence and caution, it’s not a big deal.

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