Mira Vortex Waste Problems & SOLUTIONS

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Are you struggling with Mira Vortex waster problems, again? You’re not alone. My waste water does not flow properly. Just last week, I was having problems with slow drainage and sometime flooding. Cleaned it out (as best I can give its design ) still having problems.

I tried a couple of things and finally fixed it! Well, today, I am here to share with you all that I did. Excited? Let’s get right to it!

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How to Fix Your Mira Vortex Waste Problems

Chances are that you have an obstruction in the waste somewhere and an anti-vac trap might not help your case.

After cleaning mine, I noticed the trap does eventually drain but not working as it should. So, I checked to see if there is a short length of flexi pipe under the shower.

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Mira Vortex Waste Problems

Finally! I found the culprit – An airlock! The airlock was forming in the bottle trap which then prevents the shower tray from draining until it’s almost full at which point the physical weight of water in the tray pushes the air out thus letting it to drain by syphoning via the trap. Then when the tray empties and air gets into the trap the whole cycle starts again.

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So what did I do? I simply poured drain cleaner in mine and it worked! So, that means it must have been a partial blockage.



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